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New Year Offerings

Happy New Year!


Welcome to 2024. In numerology, this is an Eight year. This can be a year of productive enterprise and success.

I wanted to offer some inspiration to support actualization of your positive potentialities for the year. This is the twentieth year that I have offered the Tuning In Workshop.  It has certainly evolved over the years.  The workshop has shifted from a forecasting process to an intentional affirmation process.

Here’s what I have learned from twenty years of intention setting with small groups.

#1 – Most importantly, please understand, that you cannot draw a card in January and really expect it to “predict” what will be happening six months from now. We are living in times of dynamic and intensely shifting energies.  We are creating and recreating our world with every breath.  We are born again with each sunrise. The most potent thing that we can do is to become extraordinarily self-aware so that we can recognize the state of our current energy and readily attune its frequency in order to create an intentional tomorrow.

To become more self-aware, I highly recommend practices such as meditation, journaling, and/or divination.  To affirm this practice, it is beneficial to gather within a conscious community that will support your awareness and your daily, weekly, and monthly habits.

#2Create daily, weekly and monthly habits that actively support the values from which your goals and intentions come. In some instances, you may need to release a negative pattern.  In other circumstances, you may need to add a beneficial practice.

In yogic language, a Yama is discipline that will clear the clutter and release the negative energies that contradict your best intentions.  When you adopt a discipline, you choose to release or limit a habit, substance or situation that disempowers your positive intentions and negates your values.

A Niyama is a dedication that honors your values and supports the actualization of your intentions. It is a practice that will generate the positive energy necessary to create a tomorrow that is meaningful to you.

#3Take small steps. Life is not a race. Every small improvement, whether from discipline or dedication, is significant. You want to feel better.  You want to be energized. You need to be patient with yourself.

Avoid absolutes and extremes. In my experience, excessive practices are difficult to sustain and the moment that you stop, you feel disempowered. 

The whole point is to be empowered! 

We are living in extraordinary time. The intensity that we are experiencing can be harness for good. In my recent Tuning In class, I encouraged everyone to DREAM BIG! I really believe that anything is possible at this time.

This is a great time to come together. My offerings are here to support you. I have updated my schedule for the next three months.  I look forward to seeing you soon.

I have created a New Year Special pricing package for my in-person Friday Kundalini Yoga and Meditation class offering Five classes for $50. Kundalini Yoga is a great practice that is both a discipline (clears negative energies) and a dedication (builds positive energy). Now you can try it out at a really good value.

If you are unable to attend the Friday yoga, I am offering a once-a-month Saturday Kundalini Yoga & Meditation class. It is longer and intended to create transformative shifts.  There are practices within this tradition that can create lasting changes that can truly enrich your life.

Saturday, January 20th from 1pm to 3pm


Saturday, February 17 from 1pm to 3pm


Saturday, March 23 from 1pm to 3pm


Wisdom Circle is the first Sunday of each month. It is an opportunity to do spiritual meditation in a sacred and supportive community.

Sunday, January 7th from 1pm to 3pm

Sunday, February 4th from 1pm to 3pm

Sunday, March 3rd from 1pm to 3pm


I extend you to and yours Many Blessings for 2024.





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