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Guided  Integrated Energy Therapy

My spiritual path was actually initiated by the book "Born to Heal" - the true story of Mr. A, an Energy Healer, as documented by Ruth Montgomery.  It activated within me an intense calling to study energy healing. Twenty five years later, the longing to expand my skills and knowledge continues to be a driving force in my life.

I believe that energy medicine is the most ancient and natural of healing modalities.  It is inherent within the human spirit.

Essentially, all healing is self-healing.  Therefore, the most effective therapies are those that activate the individual's innate healing power.  There are many ways in which we can be supported on our healing journey. When shared responsibly, Integrative Energy Medicine honors and recognizes the individual's  innate ability to heal and then finds the best way to amplify and actualize those natural abilities.

I draw from a variety of healing traditions to include yoga, qigong and shamanic practice, meridian tapping, reiki, guided visualization, meditation, hypnotherapy and vibrational medicine to create a customized guided energy therapy experience that is very much a personalized sacred healing ceremony for your blessing, wellness and transformation.

In Peace and Positivity....


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