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Guided  Integrated Energy Therapy

My spiritual path was actually initiated by the book "Born to Heal" - the true story of Mr. A, an Energy Healer, as documented by Ruth Montgomery.  It activated within me an intense calling to study energy healing. Twenty seven years later, the longing to expand my skills and knowledge continues to be a driving force in my life.

I believe that energy medicine is the most ancient and natural of healing modalities.  It is inherent within the human spirit.

Essentially, all healing is self-healing.  The most effective therapies are those that activate the individual's innate healing power.  There are many ways in which we can be supported on our healing journey. When shared responsibly, Integrative Energy Medicine honors and recognizes the individual's  innate ability to heal. It then finds the best way to amplify and actualize one's innate healing abilities.

My work integrates a variety of healing traditions.  I am a multi-tradition Reiki Master Teacher, a Kundalini Yoga Teacher, a Shamanic Practitioner and an ordained Interfaith Minister.  I draw upon my intuitive insight, the wisdom of the Spiritual Supporters,  expertise in energy anatomy, breathwork, mantra, sacred symbols, meridian tapping (EFT), guided visualization, hypnotherapy and vibrational medicine to create a sacred healing ceremony that is a personalized guided energy experience that will clear, balance, harmonize, bless, and transform your life.

In Peace and Positivity....



Guided Integrated Energy Medicine
~ Gifts of Grace, Peace & Transformation

An Assessment, Activation & Attunement 

I am able to intuitively "see and feel" the state of your "whole" energetic being to include the energy bodies, the chakras, your Higher Self, and your connectivity to the levels of Creation. With this insight, I work with the highest vibrational energy to clear, forgive, release, harmonize, activate, attune and bless your energetics as they inform your self, soul, and spirit.


This energy is never forced or manipulated.  Your innate wisdom and grace are always honored.

The session is guided by your specific intention and includes the following levels.

7th  Chakra ~ Spirituality & Inspiration

Oneness, Grace, Communion,The Sacred.

6th Chakra ~ Consciousness & Insight

Meditation, Mental Health, Dreams.

5th Chakra ~ Self-Expression

Communication, Creativity, Truth & Justice.

4th Chakra ~ Heart & Soul

Sacred Contracts, Purpose, Giving & Receiving.

3rd Chakra ~  WillPower & Self-Esteem

Work, Career, Money and Ego.

2nd Chakra ~ Emotions & Connections

Inner Child, Instincts, Play & Pleasure.

1st Chakra ~ Foundations & The Body

Nature, Family, Health, Stability, & Sustainability.

and your...

Earth Connection ~ Mother Earth, Recognition of your unique path, Nature Spirits, Power Animals, Guides and Teachers.

Energy Bodies ~ Soul Body, Negative Mind, Positive Mind, Meditative Mind, Physical Body, Arcline (halo), Aura, Pranic Body, Subtle Body, Radiant Body, & Infinite Body (spirit)

Ancestral Connection ~ Family,

DNA, Ancestral Karma; a level where healing will impact the Ancestors, yourself & your Descendants.

Spiritual Supporter Connection ~ "Angels", Soul Family, Guides, Teachers, Healers, Luminaries & Council Support.

Higher Self Connection ~ Oversoul,

Past Life Healing, Karmic Clearing, Dharmic Activation (Path & Purpose),

Soul Transformations with

Energetic Upgrades & Downloads

Infinite Connection ~ Communion,

Experience of Grace, Creative Cosmology,

Original Spirit.


What To Expect In A Session

Every session begins with a clear conscious intention. This time is dedicated to co-creating your happiness, harmony and healing.

Please come dressed in comfortable clothing. Be prepared to remove your shoes. 

All of my work begins with an invocation and blessing to create a safe and sacred space.

A variety of therapies and wisdom will be integrated within your session to include my direct connection with the highest vibrational energy, the clarity of my intuitive insight, my expertise  in energetic anatomy, breathwork, mantra, sacred symbols, meridian tapping, guided meditation, shamanic practice, hypnotherapy and intimate collaboration with the Luminaries, Healers, Teachers, Ancestors and Spiritual Supporters.


Integrated Guided Energy Medicine is experiential and interactive.  During the sessions, you are relaxed and aware so that you are able to actively participate. You are empowered and educated in techniques that you can use to support your healing journey.

Within a session, I am able to intuitively "see and feel" the state of your energetic being.  From this insight, you will be guided to follow specific instructions.  We have a lifetime of information, experiences, thoughts and feelings held within our energy system. An important element of this work is to release what no longer serves so that you may more fully open to that which supports  you. 

The effects of a session will continue long after the actual session. Some find that they are energized after a session.  Others find that they need a good sleep in order to integrate the experience.  Practice good self-care for 24 hours after a session.  Take a shower or a bath.  Drink lots of water. Rest and relax. Refrain from toxins and mind-altering substances.

We always complete the session with an offering of gratitude to the Infinite and to those Spiritual Beings who supported the work.

May this time be inspirational and transformational. May your session be a personalized healing ceremony of blessing, wellness and transformation.

In Peace and Positivity...  ~Robin


The Benefits

This work recreates a conscious reconnection with your body so that you may better understand what is needed for your health, healing and happiness.

It is an energy activation of the natural harmonic balance, energetic flow and authentic integrity that exists between your chakras and the many levels of your Being. This attunement process will restructure the physical, emotional, intellectual, soul, and spiritual aspects; the conscious, unconscious, and subconscious aspects; and the energetic anatomy.

This process is a healing, an activation, an attunement and a blessing that expands your direct experience of your Self (this lifetime), your Soul (your eternal self), your Spirit (your Divine Grace) and your personal connection to the Infinite.

The soul’s sacred contracts, challenges, gifts,  purpose and path will be opened for clarification, healing and advancement.

As such, the Soul of you here now will awaken new levels of truth, wisdom and power that will advance your spiritual evolution, expand your consciousness and motivate you to co-create a positive shift in the world.


My Committment to You

My spiritual counseling, teaching, and healing services are intended to empower, inspire and enhance your connection with your own transformative vision, path, and purpose in this lifetime. This work is based upon the foundational belief that we are all wise, beautiful, and sacred beings with infinite power and potential.   All of my services are intended to encourage and increase your personal experience of this truth.    


Please know that I am dedicated to my own conscious evolution.  As a result of this discipline and dedication to my own clarity, wisdom and wellness, I am confident that the information shared within a session is personized for your and that the energy is from the highest vibration that is appropriate at this time as guided by the wisdom of the Luminaries in alignment with the Infinite Source.

This process will not interfere with your personal spiritual and religious beliefs. Your belief in the tools, techniques and modalities is in no way required or necessary for efficacy.

Authentic energy medicine acknowledges and honors that you are already connected to, and contain, the essential energy necessary to bless, heal and transform your life. The sincere recognition of this energy creates a magnetism that increases this energy within your system. Your intention utilizes this energy to create the desired objectives. 


In my work, I am able to journey through the many levels of Creation to seek out specific insights and inspirations that are relevant to one's self, soul, and spirit.  I communicate exclusively with those Beings who honor your soul and are illumining your greatest good. 


It is important to note that the guidance and energy therapies are not intended as a substitution for traditional medicine. Ideally, alternative therapies should be used to complement traditional medical and psychological treatment.


Most importantly, please know that you will be honored in this work.  It is a great honor to walk this path with you and to share in your journey.  


Many blessings of health, happiness & peace

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An elemental part of my work is to honor the Divine that exists within each individual as it is an essential part of the whole of Creation.  This journey has taught me that when we honor our Spiritual Essence, our consciousness expands and the gifts of Creation unfold before us.   Peace, wholeness, and actualization come when we aligning our grace and truth with our physical, emotional & intellectual reality. 

I choose to extend this awareness in loving service to the world.

~ Robin Whitaker

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