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Saturday Yoga

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Saturday Kundalini Yoga


Solstice Celebration

December 16th from 1pm to 3pm


New Year, New You 

January 13th from 1pm to 4pm

Saturday Kundalini Yoga & Meditation

We will utilize Kundalini Yoga movement, conscious breathwork, guided meditative journeywork and divination to awaken to a new level of Being.    


We are living in highly energized times.  This practice is your opportunity to renew, realign and reset.

Each class will include kundalini yogic movement (kriya), conscious breathwork (pranayam), and a transformative meditation.

Please come appropriately prepared with an empty stomach, comfortable yoga clothes, a water bottle and a yoga mat.

I do request that you refrain from any substances that would alter your awareness during our time together.  

You are welcome to register or drop-in.  Payment is due prior to class. Credit card payments must be made online. You may use your yoga packages for this class.  Find out more about my yoga offers here.

Thank You.

Register for the gathering

  • An opportunity to upgrade your whole energy system!


    2 hr

    25 US dollars
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