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Practices to navigate stress & change


Practices to navigate stress & change


I personally and professionally practice Meridian Tapping.  It is a highly effective self-healing method. 

There are lots of studies about the efficacy.  Tapping gently accesses the subconscious creating the opportunity to release what no longer serves and to imput the desired intention.



I am a devoted practitioner of sanskrit and gurmukhi mantra.  These languages were energetically developed and are vibrational in nature. 


You are activating a specific vibrational intention when you chant a sanskrit or gurmukhi mantra. A mantra is repeated 108 times in order to actuate the vibration in each of the 108 energy bodies.  

Kundalini Yoga Meditation Kriyas have very specific postures, hand positions (mudras), eye gaze (dristi), breathing techniques (pranayama), mantra chants and intentional focuses. It is best to read all of the directions.  Let me know if you have a questions.

Kirtan Kriya

Grace through Change


"This is such a wonerful mantra.  I have completed a 40-day and a 120-day at 31 minutes. It will empower your ability to navigate change.  

Sa Ta Na Ma

Sa is Infinity, the Creator and Creation

Ta is Life, Vitality and Sustainability

Na is Ending, Death and Transformation

Ma is Rebirth as the Process Begins Again

Here are the directions.


3HO also has a link to the studies on memory and Alzheimer’s disease.


This is an meridian tapping daily eneregy balance routine from Donna Eden that I do every day. 


This type of yoga is especially potent for healing and for stress relief because it harmonizes the endocrine system.  


You can find out more about my classes here.

Upgrade the
nervous System

"I find myself coming back to this kriya (evolutionary actions) again and again.  It is restorative.  I learned it from Guru Jagat.   

I have wrote it out on Tummee.  Look for an instructional video soon.  Click on the link below.

Upgrade the Nervous System

Kriya for the
Kidneys & Adrenals

This set activates the kidneys and the adrenals with movements so that excess adrenaline can be moved out of the body.

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