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Classes, Practice & Workshops

Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage.

-Anais Nin

 My work comes from a deep spirituality; a dedication to ever-evolving my knowledge, wisdom and sacred consciousness; and a call to share the gifts that continue to grow and expand after years of sincere dedication and discipline.  
My consultations and classes are offered from the soul-honoring perspective that you are a wise, beautiful and sacred Being.  As such, you can trust that you will be honored in this work.  Please know that it is a great honor to walk this path with you and to share in your journey.


10am to 11:30am

@ Sanctuary

j0433163 - Copy.jpg

1st Sunday

3pm to 5pm

@ Sanctuary 


Level I & II

July 20th & 21st

Master Level III

August 17th & 18th


Thank you for stopping by. 
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