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Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage.

-Anais Nin


My work comes from a deep spirituality; a dedication to ever-evolving my knowledge, wisdom and sacred consciousness; and a call to share the gifts that continue to grow and expand after years of sincere dedication and discipline.  


My consultations and classes are offered from the soul-honoring perspective that you are a wise, beautiful and sacred Being.  As such, you can trust that you will be honored in this work.  Please know that it is a great honor to walk this path with you and to share in your journey.

Classes & Workshops

Offering a variety of Sacred Soul Sojourns that utilize guided meditation, hypnotherapy processes and shamanic journeywork so that you may...


Connect with the extraordinary wisdom and beauty of your Soul.


Engage with your Spiritual Supporters for guidance, healing and transformation.


Experience the field of Infinite Possibilities in ways that will empower you to clarify your true intentions and manifest positive change in your life.

You will be guided into an easily accessible tool for self-healing that empowers health and happiness.

Tapping is holistic in nature and treats the body, emotion, mind, soul and spirit of the participant.


Tapping bridges the separation between the unconscious and one’s conscious awareness.

Tapping interrupts the stress response and activates the relaxation response which creates a space for healing to happen.

There is so much more to us than our apparent reality.  These guided explorations create a space for you to explore the many levels of time and space.


We will connect with the Ancestors and various Illumined Beings who offer insight, counsel and blessing upon for the soul's path.


During this time, we will explore past lives, connect with your sacred circle of power and protection,  meet Illumined Ancient Beings and discover wisdom hidden within the vast expanse of time..

~  Blessings  ~

Rev. Robin Whitaker


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Classes & Workshops 

are currently offered at

Sanctuary Yoga


1919 Strearns Avenue

Kalamazoo, Michigan 49008 

(Proprietor: Veronique Jewell) 



Registration is strongly encouraged.

Rev. Robin Whitaker
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