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A Healing Forgiveness Practice for yourself, your Ancestors & your DNA



Ho'oponopono is a powerful healing tool from the Indigenous Hawaiian tradition.   Over the years, I have adapted this process to harmonize it with my life and my beliefs. 

Ho'oponopono is a way of extending forgiveness to yourself, your Ancestors, to people, to specific situations and to the world.  This process requires that we take responsibility for our part in the situation and sincerely surrender our judgements to the Infinite Source.  At its heart, Ho'oponopono is about transforming the beliefs that we are holding and thereby altering the reality in which we live.  In the space that is created by the release of the judgements, there is now a place for healing, transformation and peace.  That which we do for the one, is received by many.  This practice can change the world.  As Gandhi said, “Be the change that you want to see in the world.”


The Steps….

1 ~ Acknowledge the depth and breadth of the situation and apologize. 


This is a communication between your soul and the Infinite. It is amazing what can happen when we take responsibility for our feelings and our part in the situation.  A miraculous shift is possible when we surrender to the Highest & Holiest and sincerely apologize. 


Example:  “I am really angry. I am so hurt.  I do not know how to get over this. I do not know what to do. I am so sorry.”



2 ~ Offer forgiveness to yourself, to the “Other” and to the Whole. 


There is a softening that occurs once we have acknowledged a situation.  In our confession, we are inspired to move beyond our current state and offer it up to the Highest and Holiest.  This step releases energy that has been stuck and a clearing occurs.  The clearing opens us to forgiveness. Breathe in the forgiving energy that flows from the Infinite.  Allow the forgiveness to wash in, of, through and all around you.  Open your heart and allow forgiving energy to flow from your heart to the heart of the person or situation. Inhale forgiveness from the Infinite and exhale the forgiving energy to the person/situation until you feel a peace. In forgiveness, everyone is changed.  Everything is blessed. 


Example:  “I now choose to forgive this person."  You will need to offer forgiveness again and again until you are able to fully release every piece and part of the issue.  Repeat…  “I am forgiving…. again and again, in detail, until it is truly clear".



3 ~ Affirm the person/situation with a blessing statement.


In Ho'oponopono, love is offered. Love is the healing, the transformation, the power and the potential.  This work is personal and experiential. You will want to choose an affirmation that is in your harmony with your heart and intention. Peace is a potent alternative. Peace has been found to be of a higher vibration than love.  Inhale peace from the Infinite and exhale peace. At this point in the process, you will want to feel the peace flowing in, of, through and all around you.  Become a channel for peace. 


Example:   “May there be peace between us. May there be peace in, of, through and all around us.” 



4 ~ Give gratitude to the Highest and Holiest for the blessing and support. 


We always complete a spiritual practice with an offering to the Infinite Source and all of the Spiritual Beings who have supported us in the process. 


Example:   “Thanks be to God!  Thanks to all those who have supported this work. I am so grateful.

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