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Energy Medicine Daily Routine

David Feinstein and Donna Eden


Energy Medicine Daily Routine

David Feinstein and Donna Eden

The Three Thumps 

Action:  Tap on each of the 4 points for three breathes.  Inhaling through nose and exhaling  through mouth.  If sore, massage with moderate pressure while breathing.


Cheek Bones - Under pupil on the bone under the eye; Stomach Meridian.

Benefits - Grounding

The K-27 Points - One inch down and one inch to either side of collar bone; Kidney Meridian.

Benefits - Restores vitality; corrects psychological reversal.

Thymus - Sternum bone in the center of the chest; Central Meridian.

Benefits - Strengthens immune system and releases stress.


Neurolymphatic Points - Beneath breasts and down one rib.

Spleen Acupuncture Points - On the side of the body about 4 inches beneath armpit.

Benefits - Boosts immune system, balances blood chemistry and helps the metabolism of food,       toxins and stress.


The Cross Crawl


Action - March in place while touching one hand to the opposite knee.  Inhale through nose and exhale out the mouth. Continue for approximately one minute. 

Benefits - Supports L/R coordination, healing and vitality. Wakes up brain, spine and nervous system. Relieves mental fatigue and increases attention span.


The Crown Pull


Action - Place thumbs on temples and have the fingers curled with fingertips meeting on the crown of the head.  Press fingertips down and pull. Repeat this pull as you move your hands over head and down to base of neck.

Benefits - Stimulates blood flow to brain. Releases mental congestion. Helps with memory and insomnia.


The Cross-Over Shoulder Pull


Action - Place hand on opposite shoulder.  Inhale through nose and exhale through the mouth as you pull down from shoulder crossing body at the sternum and completing cross to the opposite hip. Repeat on the opposite side.

Benefits - Supports vitality and clarity of mind. Clears stagnant energy.


Receptor Balance


Action - Uncurl ears, massage, tug on earlobes, while rotating head in circle clockwise and counter-clock wise and then back and forth.

Benefits - Opens mind to receiving more information.  Improves memory and attention. Stimulates 400 acupressure points.


Adrenal Stress Release


Action - Rub 1” up and out from navel and at same points on your back.

Benefits - Open energy flow to support adrenals. Facilitates appropriate response to situations.


Infinity 8’s


Action - With hands joined and arms straight out, trace infinity symbols in the air, going UP as you cross the midline.

Benefits - Improves L/R hemisphere integration.  Unifies and harmonizes whole being.


The Wayne Cook Posture



  1. While sitting, bring left foot to right knee.  Place left palm on the sole of the left foot.  Cross right hand over and place it on the top of the left foot. Inhale through nose and exhale out the mouth while looking straight ahead.  Do three breaths and switch to the right foot with right hand on the sole of the right foot and the left hand crossing over on top of the right foot.  Inhale through nose and exhale out the mouth for three breaths.

  2. Uncross your legs and steeple fingers together to form a pyramid.  Bring thumbs to the third eye and pull up.  Breathe slowly and deeply for three breaths.  Inhaling through the nose and exhaling out of the mouth.

Benefits - Originally developed for those who stutter, this exercise is effective for dyslexia, ADD and learning disorders.  Increases mental acuity. Empowers your best in performance or confrontation.


Connecting Heaven and Earth


Action - 

  1. Bring hands into prayer position at the heart.  Reach right arm to the heavens and the left hand to the earth.  Inhale strongly as you reach. 

  2. Exhale and bring hands back to prayer position.

  3. Reach left hand to the heavens and the right arm to the earth.  Inhale strongly as you reach your hands in opposite directions.

  4. Exhale back to prayer position.


Benefits - Gets your energy moving throughout your body. Integrates left and right Hemispheres of the brain.  Activates radiant energy flow.


The Zip Up ~ Central Meridian


Action - Place hands at the bottom of the Central Meridian on the pubic bone. Inhale deeply and draw your hands purposely up the center of your body to your lower lip.  Raise hands to heavens, inhale radiant energy from heaven and bring hands back to pubic bone.  Repeat with affirmations for several breaths.

Benefits - Protects energy from negativity of others.  Taps into inner strength and confidence.


The Hook-Up ~

Connects Governing Meridian and Central Meridian 


Action - Place middle finger of one hand on the third eye and place the other hand’s middle finger in the navel.  Press finger in and pull up.  Hold for 30 seconds.

Benefits - Strengthens the aura.  Helps you to think more clearly. Seals and protections energy field.


Neurovascular Hold



  1. Tune into the issue with the emotions. 

  2. Place your thumbs at your temples and the pads of your fingers on your forehead, above the eyes. Hold here and consciously inhale through the nose and exhale out the mouth.

  3. Place one palm on your forehead and the other palm at the back of your head. Repeat conscious breathwork.

Benefits - Interrupting fight or flight response, suspending stress reaction and allowing one to think more clearly and cope more effectively.      

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