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Hypnotherapy Journeys 


We cannot become what we want to be by remaining what we are.

-Max Depree

 A customized blend of hypnotherapy, breathwork and 

guided meditation to open to the soul's wisdom,

manifest positive change and

create to new possibilities.

Create Dynamic Change​

To release negative subconscious programming that is beyond one's conscious control so that we may then encode affirmative intentions that will create positive potentialities.  This process is useful for goal actualization to include weight loss, habit cessation, productivity, creativity and specific goal activation.

Activate your Healing Potential

To connect with the wisdom within and the flow of healing energy from the Infinite to activate your healing potential.

Access Soul Wisdom, Path & Purpose

To understand the soul significance of the gifts, opportunities and challenges that are present in your life.  Clear and forgive your Karma and to expand into your true Dharma for this lifetime. You will be inspired and empowered to explore, experience and re-align your path with a more conscious intent.

Connect with Your Spiritual Supporters

To connect with your Spiritual Supporters to include the Ancestors of your Spirit (The Beings of Light), the Ancestors of your soul (Teachers, Healers & Allies), the Ancestors of your DNA (Those who have gone before you) and the Earth (Animals, Plants, and Nature Spirits).

Open to the Blessings of the Infinite

Reconnect and align with the grace and blessing of the Infinite Grace with the assistance of your Guides, Healers, Teachers and the Beings of Light from all levels of Creation.

Explore Your Past Lives

To better understand meaning and significance of the people and patterns impacting this lifetime. This process deepens your soulfulness and brings peace and clarity.


This work is available in private consultations and in workshops.  Both methods create the opportunity for a very deep level of insight and understanding into the soul's intention within your life, your work, your relationships and your actualization.


Blessed be the Journey! 

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