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Intuitive Visionary Spiritual Counseling

As the sun illuminates the moon and stars, so let us illumine one another.

  • A Clarity of Circumstance

Spiritual insights illuminate the sacred context and positive potential of the opportunities and challenges in your life so that you may more consciously and effectively navigate your path.


  • Insights on Themes and Timing

The numerology of birth can provide specific insights into one’s physical inner and outer experience, one’s emotions and personality, one’s mental focus and process; and one’s cumulative soul purpose in this lifetime.  Numerology can create an awareness of the energy of your current life theme to include one’s strengths and challenges of this and the coming year.

An astrological chart can be drawn to better understand the life journey and the current impact of various transiting planets and the shifting aspects impacting the birth data. It is especially useful as a forecasting tool.

  • A Conscious Connection to your Ancestors and Spiritual Supporters

A consultation creates an opportunity to connect with those who have gone before you and those Spiritual Supports who generously extend messages, blessings and healing.


  • A Comprehensive Energy Analysis

Early on my spiritual journey, I began to “see” the beautiful lights in and around people.


The energy of one’s chakras, energy bodies and energy flow can provide comprehensive information regarding the current state of your life in ways that span the everyday to the sacred.


  • An Exploration of Repeating Patterns and Past Lives

Explore the re-emerging circumstances and repeating patterns that interconnect your present lifetime, other lifetimes, beyond and in-between.  This is a wonderful way to check in with the meaning and significance of your circumstances and how your soul is progressing.


  • Revelations into your Relationships

An overview and explanation of the sacred contracts that are inherent within your personal and professional relationships may be accessed via the chakras, the unified field and your spiritual supporters.


  • An Alignment with your Sacred Cosmology

My sessions are an opportunity to step into your sacred cosmology and access new potent potentialities so that you may re-align your life with a path of healing, conscious intention, meaningful purpose, and transformation.

  • An Expanding Peace and Soul Evolution

I have come to understand that this work is transformational.  The conscious expansion of your personal perception, understanding and experience of the true capacity of your soul and spirit via your direction connection with the Infinite innately evolves your soul consciousness and instills peace and positivity.

It is my honor to share this work with you.

In Peace...  ~Robin


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