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If our intention is to change who we essentially are, we will fail. 

If our intention is to become who we essentially are,

we cannot help but live true to the deepest longings of our soul…”

 ~Oriah Mountain  Dreamer

It is my intention to create a space for those who wish to honor the "deepest longings of their soul".  My consultations, workshops and gatherings are designed to expand and evolve one’s soul awareness and inspire spiritual consciousness. My services emanate from an understanding that we are all Spiritual Beings on a soul journey bravely exploring this extraordinary, at times challenging, gift that is life.

It is my mission to illuminate your true essence with its meaning, beauty, wisdom and transformative power; to encourage body-mind-soul and spiritual harmony for healing and optimum living; and to develop your co- creative relationship with the Infinite for the coherent manifestation of your sacred potential.  

I invite you to experience a sacred sojourn into the redemptive capacity of spiritual exploration, awareness and transformation. What is accomplished by a single empowered individual is a blessing that extends to the whole of Creation.

Rev. Robin Whitaker

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As a child, I was naturally attuned to the many levels of our interconnected universe.   I was able to commune and communicate with the dynamic energy woven through all of Creation.  This ability began to fade as I grew older.  As is often the case, crisis was the catalyst that forced me to re-examine my life. Transformative change began to shift my conscious awareness. My passion to live an authentic life initiated my spiritual journey and compelled me to find my true path.


I began my training with Reunion Ministry as the result of an intuitive call to study energy medicine.  The comprehensive training of Reunion Ministry expanded the limited religious experience of my Catholic origins to the diverse spiritual traditions of the world.   As part of the training, we were required to define our individual spiritual beliefs.  To define one’s spiritual truth is much more challenging than to simply memorize and follow abstract tradition, text and ritual.  With the expanded sacred resources of the world to inspire me, I found myself on a journey to personally experience GOD. This is the path of the mystic. My decision to become an ordained interfaith minister sprang from my desire to commit my life to developing my personal connection and direct experience of the Infinite.  It is my life’s work to honor and support the Infinite grace within each and all.  


An initial and essential aspect of my ministry is my dedication to spiritual discipline, meditation/journeywork, and evolving consciousness.    As part of my evolving consciousness and to follow my interest in energy medicine, I became a Reiki Master.  My journey with Reiki has taken several turns.  My own energy awareness and experience taught me that that in order to truly channel Energy from the Infinite Source it is essential to maintain one’s purity and one’s clarity of intention. The most important aspect of the Reiki training that I received was that it empowered me to become conscious of the energy that I channel.  I now choose to work directly and exclusively with the Energy from the highest levels of creation – the Infinite Source.  With such a sincere intention, I began to “see” aura and chakra colors and to connect with Spiritual Supporters during the guided energy therapy sessions with my clients.  Reiki is now taught and practiced in very casual and unprofessional way. As a result of my concerns about these practices, I do not refer to the energy medicine that I practice as reiki.  In kanji, reiki can be translated as universal or as spiritual energy.  I do not believe energy draw from varied and diverse sources, which the  term “universal” describes, to be genuinely healing.  After all, “no problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness -or energy- that created it”.  It is my belief and practice that only energy from the highest and holiest source – the Infinite should be used in energy therapy.  In my Guided Energy Therapy sessions and in my Energy Training, the Infinite grace within each and all is always honored and supported.  We are all a part of the Infinite. The energy attunements and therapy that I share blesses and empowers my clients, and student practitioners, to access their Infinite grace and to harmonize with the flow of energy from the Infinite.


As my journey continued to evolve, it became important for me to scientifically understand my abilities.   Meditation, prayer, psychic ability and shamanic journeywork are measurable as specific brainwave frequencies.  I became a certified hypnotherapist because I wanted to understand how the brain and the levels of consciousness function.  I have chosen not to practice traditional hypnotherapy because it has a non-spiritual, linear comprehension of the brain’s limited levels of consciousness.  As I understand it, hypnotherapy is the science of programming and deprogramming the mind.  I believe all healing is self-healing and it feels inappropriate to “program” other people. Instead, I have developed sacred Guided Meditations and Journeys that honor the significance and harmony of one’s body, emotions, mind, soul and spirit.   


To continue to develop my self-healing tool belt, I studied Meridian Tapping and Energy Medicine extensively. Meridian Tapping enables people who are challenged by meditation to access the healing levels of consciousness.  I have incorporated meditation, journeywork, tapping and Donna Eden’s energy balance as part of my daily disciplines. One of the intentions in my work is to share accessible tools that can be adapted for one’s own use. “Teach a person to fish…” and “walk your talk” are important elements of my practice.


I have a sincere personal and professional commitment to evolve my consciousness, energy, health, wisdom and grace.  On this ever-evolving journey, I draw upon teachers and training from a variety of traditions.  Some of my favorite teachers are listed on my resource page.  They include Rumi and the Mystics, Bessel Van Der Kolk, Brene Brown, Lee Holden, Bruce Lipton, Gregg Braden, Joe Dispenza, Dr. Greger and Nick Ortner.  My favorite studies include kundalini yoga, mantra practice, shamanism, astrology, meridian tapping and the divinatory arts. As part of my ongoing dedication, I spent two years studying  with Jai Dev Khalsa at Life Force Academy.  I took Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training with Ravi Singh and Jennifer Greenwald. I sincerely believe in daily, weekly, monthly, seasonal, and yearly sacred practice, disciplines and dedications.  I am currently a member of Guru Jagat's Aquarian Women's Leadership Society so that may continue to evolve my personal and professional practice. 


I have found that we have the opportunity to evolve our consciousness by gracefully walking through life’s challenges and opportunities.  Along this pathway, I have had to walk through some “dark-nights-of-the-soul”.  I understand that our challenges serve and support our spiritual evolution.  In order to maintain health and happiness during the intensity of this life, I have found great success by drawing upon my daily, weekly, monthly, seasonal and yearly disciplines, healthy habits and sacred rituals.  My Sacred Path Coaching Program is chakra-based and holistically orientated.  In this system, we address and work with the energies of the body, emotion, mind, soul and spirit with consciousness, honor, intention and action.  I honor, bless and balance my chakras as part of my daily practice.


A longtime shamanic practitioner, I am dedicated to evolving my personal and professional practice. As a student of Sandra Ingerman, with an international gathering of shamanic practitioners, I am performing journeys and ceremonies that are healing and transforming  myself and the world. I seek counsel from the Ancestors of my Spirit (the Luminous Beings from the Highest Levels), the Ancestors of my Soul (the Teachers, Healers, Guides and Ancient Ones whom I have known from many levels and incarnations), and the Ancestors of the Earth (the many Allies of Nature and the Earth who are an integral part of my daily life). I am gifted in their council, wisdom, energy, insight and love. My dedications and studies are done so that I may stay clear, positive and on path in order to better serve and support our world.


It is my intention to honor the Divine that exists at the Essence of every soul.  Every individuated aspect of Creation is an essential part of the Whole.  When the Divine Spirit within is acknowledged by others, it becomes more apparent to the individual.  Peace, wholeness and actualization can be achieved when we choose to harmonize our physical, emotional, intellectual and soul levels with our Divine Spirit. I have developed the Transformative Spirituality and Sacred Living Curriculum in order to support this process in the world.  


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.  If you would like to work with me, please complete the form. May your journey be blessed with peace, positivity, healing and transformation.


Shanti.  Shalom.  Peace.    


Namaste – The light within me honors the light within you…  ~ Rev. Robin Whitaker

My Journey to this Work

Sharing what inspires and supports my journey

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