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New Year Awareness & Attunement Practice


It is that time of year again!

I invite you to join me for one of my favorite offerings of the year.

attune, activate & actualize 2024

A sacred practice to bless the best for the year ahead. 


Monday, January 1, 2024
12pm to 4pm

Join me on this sacred journey of awareness, intention and blessing.

It is time to shift from surviving to thriving!


In this experiential attunement and activation process, we will draw upon ancient meditations to activate our sacred energy and align with the divinatory tools of numerology,astrology and tarot to clarify the energy of the times to activate a positive potent path forward.






This practice is not about forecasting the future.



It is a sacred practice of consciously aligning with your personal energy and the energy of the times so that you can make manifest the best for the year ahead. 

This is a journey
to awaken & activate your true purpose
and make manifest
your greatest good!


The Attunement Practice will include…  


  • An invocation to connect to the Infinite for grace and guidance.

  • An opportunity review the previous year in order to bless the best and release the rest. 

  • An overview of the numerology and astrology of the coming year. 

  • Ancient Yoga Meditations to shift, awaken and attune your energy to manifest your positive potentials. 

  • A chakra-based tool to establish a list of affirmative intention-into-action steps that will empower the actualization your greatest good in the New Year. ​

  • A divinatory exploration into the possibilities and potentials for 2024. ​

  • A manifestation practice to activate your intentions for the new year.

  • In conclusion, you will have an opportunity to share your affirmative action-aligned intentions within a spiritual community. 


Please Note

No previous experience is required. Registration is required.  


Please bring a waite-style tarot deck. A workbook will be provided.

You are welcome to bring non-alcoholic beverages and snacks. 

Please come appropriately prepared with comfortable yoga clothes,

a water bottle,  a yoga mat and a journal.

I do request that you refrain from any substances that would alter your awareness during our time together.  

Payment is due prior to class.

Credit card payments must be made online. 

Thank You.



Attuning & Activating 2024
Monday, January 1, 2024
12pm to 4pm
Investment:  $125

  • A sacred practice to bless the year ahead.

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We are on a journey together...
To the center of the universe...
Look deep into yourself, into another.
It is to a center which is everywhere
That is the holy journey...
First you need only look:
Notice and honor the radiance of everything about you...

-Anne Hillman


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