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Meridian tapping


Nothing ever goes away until it teaches us what we need to know.


- Pema Chodron

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A Pathway to self healing

Tapping is an easily accessible tool for self-healing. 

Nearly anyone, at any age, can draw upon the power of tapping.  It empowers us to reclaim our health and happiness.

Tapping is holistic in nature.  It addresses one’s whole self ~ body, emotion, mind, soul and spirit

The word holistic is a bit like the word natural.  It has yet to be legally defined.  However, in my practice, holistic always refers to wholeness.  In this way, a holistic therapy must attend to the physical, emotional, psychological, mental, energy, soul and spiritual levels.


Tapping is an energy therapy. 

Energy interpenetrates, interconnects and is the “source of all” at every level of Being ~ body, emotion, mind, soul and spirit.  More specifically, tapping is considered to be one aspect of the Energy Psychology healing model.  As such, tapping creates an opportunity for one to bridge the separation between the unconscious and one’s conscious awareness.


Tapping allows you to address the conscious, and the unconscious, causes of an issue. 

Many people, for a variety of reasons, have what is called a “psychological reversal”.  This reversal indicates that their energy is actually reversing their healing intention.  Psychological reversals are the result of the unconscious actively protecting one from further trauma or harm.  The tapping process addresses this contradiction by temporarily correcting the reversal and allowing the healing intention to penetrate thus creating an opportunity for positive change to occur.  Tapping invites you to move through the fears, traumas and blocks that are woven into the very fabric of your Being to include the cellular body, your DNA, your emotions, your thoughts, your memories and even your karma.


Tapping changes minds and beliefs. 

At the heart of our issues, we hold certain beliefs about our situation.  These limiting beliefs can be conscious or unconscious.  Limiting beliefs actually block healing and transformation.  We can use tapping to release limiting thoughts and beliefs.  Once cleared, we then can utilize this process to create a new belief around an issue.  For example, when we receive a physical diagnosis, we are brought into an often limiting belief system.  Once we receive a diagnosis, the body will reflect the thoughts, fears, feelings and beliefs contained within that diagnosis.  If we can change our thoughts, feelings and beliefs around a specific diagnosis, we can then create a more positive belief and potential for that issue. 

Tapping interrupts the stress response. 

This creates a space for change to occur. When we are under stress, the body releases hormones into the blood stream that put the body into “lockdown” as the fight, flight or freeze mechanism is activated.  In the short term, this enables the body to escape genuine dangers.  In the long term, this puts a great strain on the body and essentially shuts down its innate ability to heal itself.  Research indicates that tapping can actually lower the cortisol levels that are released when the body is stressed.   

Tapping affects brain chemistry.  

When we tap, we redirect the flow of blood in the brain.   Tapping is able to activate the particular areas of the brain that guide our physical, emotional, intellectual or spiritual activities.  The increased blood flow into very specific parts of the brain enables us to optimize our ability to handle certain situations and to perform specific functions.

Tapping is effective for pain relief. 

This process can generate relief from many types of physical and psychological pain.  The latest research indicates that this relief may extend into actual physical healing which has been verified through x-rays and a measurable improvement of professionally diagnosed and documented conditions.


Tapping works best when you “feel it to heal it”

The more that you are willing to “feel it”; the more you will be able to effect positive change.  This process requires you to become very attentive to the experiences of your body and the physical sensations that arise when you tap. You need to attune to your feelings and emotions, any memories that emerge and the thoughts that come up while you are involved in the tapping process.  The insights of your body, emotions and thoughts are guides that will lead you into new insights on the cause and effect of your issue.  With this awareness, you can tap to release the stuck energy.


Tapping works with the power of words to heal and transform.  Words are powerful.  It is always important to be conscious of our thoughts and our words.  The energy of our words, whether they are silent or spoken, is extraordinarily creative.  Tapping utilizes a series of significant and purposeful phrases.  These words are not random.  They hold specific meaning and are used to actualize our intentions.  For example, Dr. Joe Dispenza has found that the brain will reframe itself around the words, “I now choose” and “I am grateful for”.  It is also important to note that the most effective language for intentions and affirmations requires that they are positively framed and set in the current tense.


Tapping draws upon a healing formula for success.  Many traditions use beliefs, words, intentions and affirmations to create positive change such as Ho’Oponopono, Greg Braden’s book, The God Code and the Mastermind Prayer Process.  When we compare several of these traditions, we are able to identify a specific pattern or healing formula.  Tapping utilizes this healing formula to bring about healing and transformation.


The Healing Formula


#1  Acknowledge what is true. &nbs