Living in the Light

Blessings to you!

Please understand that this is a genuine communication regarding the energy of our time. I am not wrapping it up in pretty paper or putting a bow on anything. I am speaking sincerely of the current state of our human existence.

A famous astrologer that I followed early in my career has pronounced that all will be well in 2022. When I read this, I was sincerely astounded. The message that is given again and again on social media is that “everything is awesome, everything is cool”. This is magical thinking at its worst. It is out of integrity for anyone who professes to be a leader, teacher, healer, mystic or intuitive to say that we will turn the page on 2021 and everything will magically be wonderful in 2022.

If the goal is to be popular on Instagram, FB, or Twitter, you are expected to tell people exactly what they want to hear. The influencers are diving deep into as much bull as possible, packing it tightly with wit and no wisdom and sending it out to the world with the hope for a generous financial return on the poop they are peddling.

I have never done that. I share what is most essential; what needs to be said and heard.

It is a sad and serious situation that we have found ourselves in. At this time of great prophesized shifts, when we most need to come together as a people to find innovative, practical solutions, we are highly polarized. Those who hold fiercely to their extreme polarized beliefs have lost their own center. Consequently, as a collective, we have lost our center.

These times have been prophesized for millennia. We are dealing with many crisis situations occurring at the same time. Dramatic climate change will continue to affect our daily lives. Our financial, healthcare, and educational systems all need to be reimagined. This may mean that the systems will degrade before they improve. Just like the civilizations that existed on Earth before us, we have become overly reliant upon technology and the great (financial) savior that is the military-industrial complex. AI, war, and corporate greed are serious threats to our future existence. In the midst of all of this, we need to overcome the erroneous programing regarding history, religion and who we truly are. We do, indeed, have much to be concerned about. It is an insult to one’s intelligence to say that all will be better next year.

The message, for at least the next decade, is DO IT NOW. Honor your soul. Live in harmony with all of creation. Recognize the Light in each and all. Be a force of forgiveness, compassion and kindness in our world. Clarify your values. Live your ideals with daily actions that create a world that is healthy, beautiful, cooperative, and peaceful. Expand your heart. Be a grace and goodness in the world.

The first step is always going to be the most difficult and that is to “Acknowledge What Is.” Take stock of the current situation. We cannot “be the change that we need to see in the world” if we are not willing to be aware of the current state of our people and our planet. This may require a stepping away from the polarizing programing that intends to regulate your thoughts and fears with little regard for truth. The impact of media programing combined with compromised food, water, and air has resulted in bodies filled with toxins and brains unable to discern truth from fiction.

Once we understand the situation,