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tapping to Transform

Last night, I was sleeping, I dreamt -marvelous error!- that I had a beehive here inside my heart.  And golden bees were making white combs and sweet honey from my old failures.


- Antonio Machado

tapping to Transform


Genuine transformation requires a willingness to acknowledge, clear and reprogram the conscious and unconscious minds.  It has been said that we are 90% unconscious and that the unconscious mind is one million times more powerful than the conscious mind.

Tapping empowers us to access our unconscious mind so that we can clear and release that which is limiting our harmony, health and happiness.

Meridian Tapping is a wonderfully effective self-healing tool.  When it is used regularly, it becomes a life tool that you can draw from whenever you need to clear blocks, fears, traumas addictions and limitations.

I have utilized tapping in my personal and professional practice for eleven years. This Meridian Tapping process has been impacted by the works of Bruce Lipton M.D., Gregg Braden, Nick Ortner, David Feinstein, Gary Craig, Dr. Joe Dispenza and Bessel Van der Kolk M.D.

Tapping can be used individually and in small groups. In this gathering, each participant will be invited to share their issues and intentions in order to create a communal tapping experience that will support and bless each and all.

The important thing is this: 
to be able at any moment to sacrifice what we are for what we could become.

-Charles DuBois

the tapping Process

Tapping Points

The Crown

The Inside Eyebrow Point

The Corner Eye Point

(tap on bone at corner of eye)

The Under Eye Point

(tap under pupil on the bone)

The Nose Point

(tap on the indent above your lip)

The Chin Point

(tap under the lip at center)

The Collar Bone Point

(one inch under “u” shape and one inch to left/right of collarbone)

The Under Arm Point

(tap approximately 1 hand length under the arm)

tappingchart (2).jpg

The Tapping Process 

To Begin, Create a setup statement of intent.


"Even though (State the issue with honesty. This may evolve each time your repeat it),

I now choose (state your desired change)

because I deeply and completely love, honor and accept myself."

Tap on the karate chop point and repeat your setup statement three times. 

Healing Formula Sequence

Round One:          Acknowledge Issue

Round Two:          Clear, Release & Forgive Issue

Round Three:        Affirm your Positive Intention

Round Four:          Gratitude

Tap on the points in the order that they are listed.  As you tap, make your statement as listed below  following the Healing Formula.  It is best to tap at least 7x on each of the points. 

Round One:  Acknowledge Issue

"I now choose to acknowledge....______."

Repeat this statement as you tap on each point.  

Round Two:  Clear, Release & Forgive Issue

After acknowledging your issues, forgive and release what needs to be cleared with,


"I now choose to release / forgive / clear _________."

Continue to clear, until you feel as if you are releasing what is needed.  It may take several rounds.  You may need to alter your statement as you move through the issue.

When you feel clear, fill this open "space" with...

Round Three:  Affirm your Positive Intention


"I now choose to (affirm your positive intention) ________."

Continue until you can feel your intention taking root, completing as many rounds as necessary.

Round Four:  Gratitude


For your final round,  tap at each point...


"I am so grateful."


Complete your session


Tap on the crown, take a deep breath and make your closing summarizing affirmative statement.

"Even though I cleared ______________________

I now choose & I am grateful for ______________

because I deeply and completely love, honor and accept myself."


And so it is!

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