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Transforming Fear into Hope

I am so sensitive these day. All of my life experiences are coming together within me activating deeper levels of awareness and opening me to the beauty and blessings that fill myself/soul/spirit with gratitude. I am attentive to the great good that is all around me.

In this sensitivity, I am also sharply aware of that which contrasts with this gentle beauty. The crush of so many people on this planet suffering, angry, and fearful can be overwhelming. For a sensitive, life can be a delicate dance of distance and connnection, exhaustion and exuberance.

The sweet sensitivity that increases with every sadhana, every chant, every prayer is a gift. It has always been a gift. To intimately experience the light of the Infinite in creation is the strength that supports my ability to navigate the harsh reality of the times.

My practice empowers and encourages me to stay the course; to remain hopeful; to choose to be a part of the good.

You do not have to be a highly sensitive person to be experiencing anxiety, overwhelming stress and heartbreak. We are living in unprecedented times. I never imagined our world would come to this. However, here we are, and this is our situation. Regardless of the circumstances, we cannot lose hope. There is no possibility of a better tomorrow without hope. Hope inspires the vision that will create a blessed and beautiful tomorrow.

Do whatever you can do to remain hopeful, peaceful, and positive. I would love to offer meditation or yoga or breathwork on zoom. Please let me know if you would be interested.

I cannot believe how much I am enjoying teaching yoga and meditation. It is so good to hear the positive feedback. After my first Sunday practice, I felt grounded, centered and at peace in my Being. We used an ancient breathwork meditation to clear the negative and transform the excess energy into a radiance to create good in our lives and in the world. This is what is so needed. Everyone can transform stress into positive potential. We just need a path through and to.

I invite to join me on a pathway through and to peace, positivity, and a better tomorrow.

So many blessings to you,


For more information, please visit

Available at Sanctuary Studio

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