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The Universal Numerology of 2022 ~ #6

Kabbalistic Tree of Life ~ #6 Tiferet / Beauty The sixth path is called “Inflowing Intuitive Consciousness” because the inflowing emanations increase themselves therein. It transmits this influence to those fortunate people who are united with it. -Sefer Yetzirah On the tree of life, there are three pillars that contain the spheres of divine creative energy. Tiferet is located on the center pillar, and it is mid-way between heaven and earth. It is positioned in the center of the center. Translated as Beauty, it is the heart of the tree of life. How wonderfully auspicious that 2022 is the year of Tiferet. There is no greater guidance than to live from one’s heart and no time when it has been more necessary. The other spheres are ruled by the planets, but Tiferet is ruled by our star, the sun. An important reminder to live from our heart and let the light shine out in the world.

Tarot Archetypal Energy ~ #6 The Lovers The Lovers in tarot is greatly misunderstood. This card is about taking personal responsibility in your relationships, most essentially your relationship with yourself. In Tarot of Spirit, Pamela Eakins wrote, “Be advised that in truth self-love (self-confidence, self-respect) is the key to lasting relationships.” The Lovers archetype is strongly connected to Tiferet and its greatest power comes from its ability to balance the polarities of life. When we tune into this archetypal power, we are able to neutralize the contradictions that complicate our lives. We can balance the yin and the yang, the male and female, the light and the dark. When we draw upon the true power, we can bring harmony to our world. The Hebrew letter associated with this archetype is Zain or sword. It is the sword that divided the Oneness into matter with all of its polarities and individualities. If we were not separate, we would not know the gift of individuation. At the same time, we have an innate longing to return to Source and to unify. This is the paradox of our separation. As stated in Tarot of Spirit, “The secret of Key VI is the knowledge that all things of matter in the universe are separated by the boundaries of matter and that love is the glue the binds all things.” Traditional Numerology ~ #6 In traditional numerology, the keywords for the #6 are responsibility, service, and beauty. There is a call to serve and to support. This call should come from your heart. It is a call to be responsible and to create beauty and harmony in the world by taking responsibility. It may seem burdensome and unglamourous. However, this serving from the heart brings a beauty and a harmony to the world that makes life worth living. Tantric Numerology ~ #6 The Arc Line Tantric numerology is based upon the ten energy bodies. The Arc Line, depicted as the halo in sacred art, runs from ear lobe to ear lobe above the head. It contains information of the aura and the three levels of the mind (negative, positive, and neutral). It is a condensation of the karma that we are working on in this lifetime. Last year, our focus was on the physical body (5th energy body) and the material world. It is considered highly advantageous that this year we are shifting into the higher planes as we open to the potentiality of the arc line. We are being presented with an opportunity to shift into a higher level of consciousness that will raise our vibration and bring this higher frequency to the world. “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” When we as individuals, and as a collective, bring forth higher frequencies to the world, we can heal deep, ancient wounds; clear individual and collective karma; and innovate solutions to the many complex problems that we face.

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