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A Spiritual Practice for the Autumn Equinox


This practice will take you on a journey of reflection.  May it serve as an opportunity to honor the gifts, forgive the mistakes, and shift forward by affirming your intentions for the new season.


What grew from the seeds that you planted in the spring?


What have your actions and activities manifested so far this year?


What are you harvesting at this time? How are you sharing your  bounty?


What are you called to release, forgive and / or give away?

What are you visioning for the new season? What do you hope to achieve this fall? What to do plan to complete this year?


What are willing to sacrifice, surrender or give up in order to actualize your intentions? What are your willing to do in order to actualize your intentions?


From a heart-filled space, take some time to write down your intentions for this season and what you plan to complete for the year.  Place the paper on your altar or under a plant, candle or crystal.  Let this serve as a daily reminder.

Many Blessings for a blessed and beautiful autumn!

In Peace...  ~Robin

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