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Summer Solstice Blessing

We have officially shifted from spring into summer. Does that have any real significance to you? In ancient times, being attuned to movements of the sun and the moon were essential practices. To live in harmony with the flow of the seasons was a way of life. Even in our modern times, the farmer’s almanac uses the moon as a guide for planting.

How is it that we have shifted so far from the wisdom of the earth, sun and moon? The energy of the earth as Pachamama with her nature spirits and archetypal elements are the “real” in our reality.

We live in a highly contrived version of “reality” composed of the commotion of our emotions and the miscreations of our mind which are desperate mechanisms employed by the ego to uphold our version of reality. Our current culture has become extremely attached its own entitlement in nature.

I am writing today, on this Summer Solstice, to say emphatically that we, who are here for such short while, living this sacred human life, have no time for such nonsense.

If you do an internet search, you can find a multitude of those who hold the secrets of the universe. However, genuine wisdom requires self, soul and spiritual intimacy – “IN TO ME SEE”. The false prophets do not look very deeply into their own motivations which can be sourced from the ego, not spirit. We have become a culture of blasphemers – speaking words that sound too good to be true but soothe the longings of the populace for false hope, meaningless meaning and fascinating distraction that is so pervasive in our time.

My point is simply that we contain within us – via our self, soul and spirit an abundance of wisdom, courage, and innovation. The earth, and her connection to the sun and the moon, hold the power to heal this personal and cultural dismemberment of the self /soul/ spirit of which we are afflicted.

If we develop a personal relationship with the earth (body/subconsciousness), this intimacy will lead us to an actual relationship with our self (unconsciousness/emotion/mind). The intimacy with the self (light and darkness, grace and shadow) will empower an intimacy with our soul (eternal self with fate and destiny, karma and dharma) which naturally expands into the grace of spirit.

However, this requires a willingness to “climb the mountain” for there are blocks to a genuine intimacy with the soul and spirit. The ego has a failsafe – the superego. The superego poses as soul, guide, angel, Jesus, and/or god. When the messages are all exactly what you want to hear – you have fallen into the quicksand of your superego.

The only solution, to keep from falling farther into the ego’s trap, is to surrender. You must get down on your knees and admit that you do not know, that have stepped off your path, and that you are lost. The only escape from a fall from the grace of your soul is so confess and release your false reality.

The universe abhors a void. The space that is cleared when we are willing to release the miscreations of our ego becomes a sacred space that the grace of the soul and spirit will fill. When we surrender away the illusions and delusions that the ego has built, and their projections in the world, we have the opportunity to re-member our self, soul and spirit with the great wisdom, power and presence that accompany this unity.

May you be courageous enough to experience genuine intimacy with your self, soul and spirit; to embrace your light and your darkness; your wisdom and your folly; your joy and your pain.

May the sun shine a light upon your self, soul, and spirit illuminating your ability to know what you are meant to know, so that you may do what you are meant to do, so that you may be all that you are meant to be, so that you can give and receive all and only that which you are meant to give and receive for your greatest good and the greatest good of all.

May heartbeat of earth, as it dances with the sun and moon, reattune you to the natural rhythm of your self, soul and spirit. May this sacred summer solstice inspire harmony with your own divine nature.

Many luminous blessings for this summer and beyond!

With light and love,


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