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Summer Blessings

Astrologically, 2020 is a year when several complex events will ebb, flow, activate and reactivate. Last weekend was a new moon solar eclipse that aligned with the summer solstice. This was an intense cancer event that activated sensitivities and emotions. Tensions are expected to increase during the lunar eclipse on the 4th of July that will impact the chart of the United States.

Currently, Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury and Neptune are retrograde. During this period of retrogrades and eclipses, we are being called to pause, reflect and realign. This is not the time for making big decisions or long term commitments.

The current astrology, and the energizing effects of our solar system passing through an active part of the galaxy, are producing active angles, triangles and yantra portal pathways of dynamic change for individuals and for the planet. Time is not what it used to be. We are living beyond previous predictions. The choices that we make, even minor choices, are creating transformative shifts, at an unprecedented rate, that will continue to rework our reality.

This complex energy will impact everyone differently based upon one’s astrological chart and vibrational state. There is no getting around the impact of these energetic shifts. This is a “through and to” life changing period on this planet.

What is it that matter the most to you? The best strategy for navigating this period is to concentrate your energy, time and resources on that which is most meaningful. What you hold in your heart will become the lifeboat that will keep you afloat during the turbulent times. Living true to your heart is also the path to fulfilling your soul’s purpose.

At this time of retrogrades and eclipses, attune to the wisdom and longing of your heart. What has meaning for you is felt in the center of your Being. One of my favorite value clarification exercises is to keep a gratitude journal. Your grateful heart will reveal that which is most significant to you.

As you travel the road ahead, be kind to yourself and others. Let us hold a collective intention to be more compassionate, conscious, and loving. Together, let us harness this energy to create a peaceful new world that is safe, healthy and loving for all.

I chose to create a space for grace every single day. To support this, I recently began training to become a certified kundalini yoga teacher. This work sustains me. It is my spiritual practice and it blesses, inspires and empowers my work. It is my intention that this will be another tool in my toolkit that I can share with you.

May you know the deep reserves of strength and grace that are within you. We are so much stronger than we believe ourselves to be. Heart-filled blessings to you and yours. May health, safety, peace and happiness by yours.

With love… Robin

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