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Suffering as Soulwork

Dear Ones,

We have come to this life to do the work of our soul. I understand that this will mean different things to different people. However, after twenty years as a spiritual teacher, it still amazes me how many people spend their lives in the desperate pursuit of satisfying the endless demands of the ego. They seem unable to create space in their lives for the meaningful occupation of soulwork.

The intensity of this time on Earth, as one era ends and another begins, has created an opportunity for amazing soul healing, growth and evolution. Many people have bravely accepted the chance to evolve and ascend to higher soul levels. These “opportunities” are often presented as very difficult times affecting one’s health, welfare, safety and security. These people are experiencing situations that were inconceivable just a few years ago. This suffering is wide-spread and does not discriminate by race, economics, education, or religion.

As if this suffering were not enough, those who are suffering are often seen through the lens of spiritual superstitions, religious dogma, and societal ideals. There is an irrational belief that bad things can only happen to bad people. One of my favorite teachers pointed out that most of the Saints were tortured, imprisoned, and often suffered painful deaths. The reason for suffering is beyond human comprehension.

People want to keep suffering at a distance. They prefer to not have to face the harsh realities of life. They simply do not want to deal with it. However, we are not meant to avoid or ignore suffering. Suffering is everywhere- it is in hospitals, warzones, and happening to the family next door. Acedia is not an option in the face of suffering. At the end of this life, we will be assessed just as much from what we did do as what we did not do.

Higher conscious spiritual traditions understand that great soul’s take on great challenges and responsibilities.

When we find ourselves suffering, we need to “lean in” with our whole heart. Suffering is not meant to defeat us. It is an opportunity for us to discover that we are stronger than we ever believed ourselves to be. It has been said that miracles happen every day. As such, when we face our difficulties, we need to claim our miracle bravely and boldly. We can open to the depth and breath of the Soul. The Luminous Ones are vigilant in their support. Their light shines into the dark spaces. No matter the difficulty, please understand that you matter and that you are never alone.

Sending blessings of healing, love and light,


PS – My Kundalini Yoga class at Sanctuary is cancelled this week. I will be attending a 3-day workshop. It will resume on May 6th. Everyone is welcome!

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