Preparing for the Collective Shift

Dear One,

Happy Holidays to you! May this season find you, and those you love, safe, healthy and well.

We began this year with the understanding that the astrology for 2020 was going to activate complex and contradictive energies. It has indeed been a very stressful year for most people.

Next Monday, on the Winter Solstice, we will have a major astrological event when Jupiter and Saturn join together and progress into Aquarius. This Grand Conjunction (when the 2 largest planets come together) happens every twenty years and is considered generational. However, they are both going to be on the same degree which is very unusual and last occurred in 1226. This conjunction will shift from impacting earth signs (physicality, materialism, structures and security) to influencing air signs (intellect, social consideration, innovation and communication) for the next 200 years. In short, it is a big deal.

You may have noticed that many groups and organizations are offering special events and meditations next weekend and on the solstice. It is widely understood that this time is significant. Cosmologically and spiritually, your energy matters and what you are focusing on will be highly energized for the rest of the year.

This is an amazing opportunity to shift your energy and end the year on a positive note. Do whatever practice that works for you so that you can raise your consciousness and connect to your highest truth (Sat Nam). Choose to be positive, creative and to engage in high vibrational activities for the rest of 2020. Regardless of how inconvenient it may be, it is important. Everything that we think, feel, desire and do holds specific energetic vibrations and activates various potentialities.

Now is truly the time to harness the energy to forgive and to release that which is not serving you. This is not the time to hold on to grudges or to dwell on that which is not working out in your life or in the world. This is the time to put your best self forward and to give energy to what you love.

I understand that this has been a difficult year. Many people are challenged with mental and physical health issues. Some have lost their livelihood. We have all had to accommodate radical change to our routines. This time has tested us. Please know that I am not dismissing the significance of the hardships.

However, I do have good reason to be optimistic.

I know that people think of me in different ways. Most understand that I am an Intuitive with psychic abilities as I navigate the unseen realms and communicate with those who have transitioned and to Luminaries from the higher realms. Some consider me a teacher of spiritual energetics and esoteric wisdom. Others take comfort in my deeply spiritual foundation and supp