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Preparing for the Collective Shift

Dear One,

Happy Holidays to you! May this season find you, and those you love, safe, healthy and well.

We began this year with the understanding that the astrology for 2020 was going to activate complex and contradictive energies. It has indeed been a very stressful year for most people.

Next Monday, on the Winter Solstice, we will have a major astrological event when Jupiter and Saturn join together and progress into Aquarius. This Grand Conjunction (when the 2 largest planets come together) happens every twenty years and is considered generational. However, they are both going to be on the same degree which is very unusual and last occurred in 1226. This conjunction will shift from impacting earth signs (physicality, materialism, structures and security) to influencing air signs (intellect, social consideration, innovation and communication) for the next 200 years. In short, it is a big deal.

You may have noticed that many groups and organizations are offering special events and meditations next weekend and on the solstice. It is widely understood that this time is significant. Cosmologically and spiritually, your energy matters and what you are focusing on will be highly energized for the rest of the year.

This is an amazing opportunity to shift your energy and end the year on a positive note. Do whatever practice that works for you so that you can raise your consciousness and connect to your highest truth (Sat Nam). Choose to be positive, creative and to engage in high vibrational activities for the rest of 2020. Regardless of how inconvenient it may be, it is important. Everything that we think, feel, desire and do holds specific energetic vibrations and activates various potentialities.

Now is truly the time to harness the energy to forgive and to release that which is not serving you. This is not the time to hold on to grudges or to dwell on that which is not working out in your life or in the world. This is the time to put your best self forward and to give energy to what you love.

I understand that this has been a difficult year. Many people are challenged with mental and physical health issues. Some have lost their livelihood. We have all had to accommodate radical change to our routines. This time has tested us. Please know that I am not dismissing the significance of the hardships.

However, I do have good reason to be optimistic.

I know that people think of me in different ways. Most understand that I am an Intuitive with psychic abilities as I navigate the unseen realms and communicate with those who have transitioned and to Luminaries from the higher realms. Some consider me a teacher of spiritual energetics and esoteric wisdom. Others take comfort in my deeply spiritual foundation and supportive counsel.

This year has encouraged me to immerse myself in my studies. My two hour+ Kundalini Yoga practice transformed into a desire to become a Kundalini Yoga Teacher. Kundalini Yoga is the yoga of awareness. It detoxifies, harmonizes and magnifies the energy system, transmutes karmic patterns and expands intuitive perception. It is how I keep my channel clear and heal my life. I have also deepened my shamanic proficiency as I have practiced with several wonderful teachers this year. I am very committed to expanding my connection to the unseen realms so that I may better understand truth, wisdom and harmony. During this complicated year, I gratefully developed and deepened my connection to some extraordinary Luminaries who are enlightening my path and expanding my potential. They have inspired a new level of creative consciousness and transformed my healing work.

For the past several years, I have been “exploring” the ancient past of the Earth and those Beings connected to the Earth. It seemed reasonable that if I could better understand our ancient history, I could better understand our future. I shifted my focus this year in order to comprehend what was happening. The contrast between the energy of 2020 and the ancestral, archetypal, mythical and Luminous energies that I commune and communicate with in my practice was jarring. For most of this year, it was very apparent that the people of earth had become extraordinary divergent. The energy was combative and divisive. I did not understand how such opposing energies could continue to live together on Earth. It felt as if the Earth was going to experience a split in timelines or some very dramatic change event.

Please understand that every single day, I have a practice that includes an expansive blessing and transformation process. I align with the Luminous and offer discordant energy to be “transfigured” into positive potentialities. From this heart-based practice of surrender, I have experienced miracles in my own life. It is in harmony with my dharma to share this practice with the world. (Please understand that I am not choosing a specific outcome.) I gather the current energy with my breath and offer it to the Infinite. I then breathe in the higher vibrational blessings and offer it to the world. It has never occurred to me to interpret this energy. This is a practice of surrendering to the Highest and Holiest. It is based on a deep faith and trust.

At some point this fall, the divergent potentiality transfigured. When a change happens, we often do not remember because our reality has shifted. I almost forgot about the divergent potential. Although things may still seem to be very polarized in our world at this time, the unified shift is very apparent energetically.

From my current level of understanding, it feels as if the shift that I am now sensing will collectively raise the frequency of everyone and everything on earth. Symbolically, everyone will experience an “Aha moment” that will create a change in the collective consciousness, in our physical reality and in every Being on Earth.

After the shift, much of what we invest our time and energy in will suddenly seem very unimportant. (Some of you may already be experiencing this.) As the collective consciousness shifts, our values will change. The focus will be to live in harmony with the Earth, on social responsibility, creativity, innovation, and healing. It is as if everyone will have “eyes with which to see”. They will experience and understand a new level of reality.

It is not clear to me when this shift will occur. Time is an amazing thing. If we watch the clock, it moves so slowly. When we are engaged in something we love, it passes quickly. These changes will unfold in their own time with consideration to the various levels of consciousness on this planet.

This shift, a raising of our individual and collective consciousness, was agreed to before we came here. It was always a potential but not an inevitability. It really is up to us. At some point during this year when our usual schedules were interrupted, in the great pause, that which was significant and meaningful to us became very apparent. This, I believe, created a tipping point and our collective evolution was able to take a big step forward. Remember, we are created in grace and it is grace that we were always meant to actualize.

This does not mean that we can just skate on through. We are still in process. We need to “keep on keeping on”. We must not quit five minutes before the miracle! This is, as I already stated, an important time to engage in the activities which lift your heart and raise your consciousness.

After much consideration, I have decided to offer my Tuning In to 2021 workshop on January 1st. This will be my first virtual offering and so it is a great adventure! The materials will be available for download. We will come together in our individual, and collective, sacred space to bless and release 2020, map the influential energies impacting our journey and affirm our best in 2021.

May this holiday season bless you and yours in meaningful ways. May you know peace and may positive potentials unfold in beautiful ways in your life.

In love and light… ~Robin

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