Tuning in 2021

"It takes courage to grow up and turn out to be who you really are."

– E. E. Cummings

The Energy of 2021

The Universal Numerology of 2021



Kabbalistic Tree of Life ~ Gevurah

 Judgement. Power. Severity. Discipline. Restraint. Discernment.


“Gevurah is the quality control mechanism of creation… Gevurah helps to dispose of evil. What is imbalanced, unnecessary, and antagonistic to cosmic harmony is thrown into the abyss…”

-Vivianne Crowley, A Women’s Kabbahah


Gevurah provides us with a “Vision of Power”. This is the empowering gift of discernment so that we may clearly see what no longer serves our great good. 2021 is a year of sorting through our beliefs, habits and supports so that we may cast off that which is no longer in alignment with our truth and consciousness.  This process of purification is a gift. The discomfort comes when we ignore the need to purge and hold tight to that which is out-moded and obsolete. Rachel Pollach states “that for the ego this can be a hard place, a dark night of the soul… For the Spirit, it becomes a great blessing. Gevurah gives us the chance to free ourselves. We learn who we really are, and we learn to let go of our defenses.”


With your vision clarified, what do you need to release so that you may live true to your soul’s potential?


Tarot Archetypal Energy ~ The Hierophant

Awareness of Truth, Purpose in Practice, Evolutionary Change


The Hierophant, a Way Shower, is our guide through the process of change. This archetypal energy inspires us to seek truth, expand our awareness and evolve our consciousness.  This is the year to embrace a teaching, a discipline, or a practice that raises your consciousness, progresses your purpose and supports planetary evolution.


The Hierophant is ruled by the astrological sign of Taurus.  Taurus is the sign of building stability and determination. Uranus, the planet of awakening innovation and energy, is now traveling through Taurus inspiring dynamic change and arousing the need to recreate, renew and redesign the outmoded and dysfunctional structures and systems.


The Hebrew letter associated with this archetype is vav; the nail.  Obsolete systems are breaking down so that new structures may be built. The genuine purpose of this time of change is to sift through the rubble of the organizational supports that underlie our reality; to resurrect what is functional; and to utilize vav “to nail together” systems that are relevant and purposeful in our changing times. Vav creates strength in a structure.  What will strengthen the structure of your life? 2021 hold the energy of structural change.  What practices can you embrace that will support positive change and strengthen the structure(s) of your life?



Traditional Numerology ~ Change / Freedom

Transformative change is inspiring us to shift into a more authentic way of being. The call for this change is very dynamic.  It is vibrating on our planet and is being experienced by the entire solar system. The collective cosmology is raising our conscious awareness so that we may more easily understand what we need to do. We are not separate from this evolutionary energy; we are a part of it.  It is our destiny to raise the vibrational potential of humanity. This path requires that release that which is limiting our evolutionary potential.


Individually, we must ask ourselves, “what is our role in all of this?”  “Why are we here at this time?” This year is the perfect time for you to ask yourself what you can do to “Be the change that you want to see in the world?”

An Overview of the Astrology of 2021

Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius ~ Forward Thinking


Neptune and Jupiter in Pisces ~ =Illusion, Delusion vs. Deep Spiritual Values


Stellum in Aquarius

=Humanitarian Issues, Technology & Innovation

Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter & Saturn in Aquarius

February 2021


3 Mercury Retrogrades

= Thinking and Communications – revise, recreate, renew

January 30 ~ Aquarius

May 29 ~ Gemini

September 27 ~ Libra


Eclipse Cycle

= Revelations, Unexpected Endings & Beginnings

Gemini & Sagittarius Axis

=Polarity of future vision and present moment awareness

May 26 & June 10 November 19 & December 4


Mars & Venus Conjunction

= New Cycle of Creativity and Relationships

June 27 – July 21


Saturn in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus

= Rebellion vs Status Quo; Old beliefs questioned. Consciousness expanded. Solutions to world challenges.

February 14 ~ June 14 ~December 24

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