Seasonal Celebrations

To be joyful in the universe is a brave and reckless act. The courage for joy springs not from the certainty of human experience, but the surprise. Our astonishment at being loved, our bold willingness to love in return-these wonders promise the possibility of joyfulness, no matter how often and how harshly love seems to be lost.

Therefore, despite the world's sorrows, we give thanks for our loves, for our joys and for the continued courage to be happily surprised.

-Molly Fumia

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spring renewal ceremony

Saturday, March 20th

1pm to 4pm

Robin's Zoom Room

Investment:  $44


How wonderful it is that Spring is upon us.  Let us celebrate the seasonal shift with a guided meditation to honor the seasonal shift in our lives.

Within the virtual format of zoom, it is my honor to lead you on a journey with the great good that is possible this spring.

During this time, you will be guided through...


~ An energy warm-up to energize and activate our energy.

~An energy assessment of our chakras to identify what needs to be released.

~A meditation to clear your chakras and open to inspirational energy to bless your spring intentions.

This gathering creates an opportunity for you to have your experiences witnessed and your path honored with a spiritual community and is available to all levels of experience. 

To make the most of the ceremony, please create a sacred space to do this work.  Remove all distractions.  You may choose to cleanse the space prior to the gathering by misting with essential oil and water, incense or sage.  For optimum results, you may want to create an altar with flowers, stones, or a candle.  Have a journal on hand to record your experiences.

There will be pdf handouts for download to bless your spring journey.

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