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explorative Journeys 

Nothing ever goes away until it teaches us what we need to know.

-- Pema Chodron

 ~ A Guided Meditative Exploration of Your Soul's Past, Present & Future. ~


If we are to ever fully grasp the purpose and meaning of this lifetime, we must come to know the beauty and expanse of our soul.

Guided Journeywork allows us to explore the cosmology of the soul and affords a perspective on the significance of our past, present and future lives. Soul awareness deepens our connection to the Infinite, evolves our consciousness, enhances our intuitive insight, and clarifies the relevance of our current circumstance.


Let us create a conscious pathway to the wisdom and experience of the soul. We will journey to through the expanse of time and space to "remember" our distant selves; explore the levels of Heaven and meet with our Soul Group; attune to the divine cosmology of the Stars, call upon the Ancestors and Luminaries for healing and insight; and generally expand our understanding of the sacredness of life and Creation.


Please understand that this work is a process and each exploration expands and deepens your ability to remember your experiences.  For some, this is a natural process.  For others, it will take time and dedication in order to develop the meditation skills required to "know what you know".  This work is designed to be accessible to everyone and with practice, everyone will come to a deeper level of their soul through this work. 

After each journey, you will have time to record your experiences in a journal. Each participant is invited to share their experiences with the group. While sharing is encouraged, you should only share that which feels safe and appropriate to you.  The act of recording and sharing are important steps for the the integration and comprehension of your soul's experiences. 

Everyone is welcome.



Access Soul Wisdom

To understand the soul significance of the gifts, opportunities and challenges that are present in your life. 

To Create Dynamic Change

To connect with the unified field of Infinite Possibilities to open to the flow of energy that can heal, bless, and create dynamic change in your life.


Re-align Your Path

To be inspired and empowered to explore, experience and re-align your path with a more conscious intent.


Connect with the Ancestors

To connect with your Spiritual Supporters to include the Ancestors of your Spirit (The Beings of Light), the Ancestors of your soul (Teachers, Healers & Allies), the Ancestors of your DNA (Those who have gone before you) and the Earth (Animals, Plants, and Nature Spirits).

Embrace Your Sacred Circle of Support

Learn to do your spiritual work within the grace and blessing of your Circle of Ancestors, Guides, Healers, Teachers and the Power Beings from all levels of Creation.

Heal and Transform

To seek out information, allies and energy that will empower clarity of circumstance by offering healing methods that can empower your healing journey.

Explore Your Past Lives

To better understand meaning and significance of the people and patterns impacting this lifetime.


This work is available in private consultations and in workshops.  Both methods create the opportunity for a very deep level of insight and understanding into the soul's intention within your life, your work, your relationships and your actualization.


Blessed be the Journey! 

 ~ A Guided Meditative Exploration of Your Soul's Past, Present & Future. ~

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