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What is to become of us?

Dear Ones,

What is to become of us? If we tune in to the media, we are inundated with chaos and fear. There is much to be concerned about. How can we best navigate the path forward in a world filled with so many unknowns? The challenges are both internal and external. From a mundane perspective, it took a lifetime for each of us to get here. In spiritual terms, our souls’ eternal journey, and the evolving destiny of humanity, have taken eons to get to this point.

As we stand at this pivotal point, a collection of Wise Ones – Ancestors, Ancients and Luminaries are gathered to support the shift from what has been to what will be. On the upper realms, it is understood that the outcomes that are determined now will impact the future of Earth, the future of each soul, and the future of human DNA.

The fear and anger, so prevalent in the world, are primal responses to the impending changes that are upon us. Some are determined to maintain the status quo and are fiercely gripping their known reality. Others are choosing to shift humanity in the direction of its highest potential. In the midst of all this, there are unseen forces that have their own agenda for the future of humanity.

The evolutionary journey of humanity has delivered us to this destined time. We are being gifted the opportunity to shift beyond the programming and to activate the extraordinary potential of human DNA when it is in harmony with the soul. There is also the very real possibility that humanity will continue to be anesthetized by the toxins in the air, food and water, by technology and by other distractions that will assure our compliance to a future that exterminates life on earth and compromises the grace of the soul as it illuminates human DNA.

{Pause. Breathe.} I intended to write a beautiful message about accessing the assistance of our Spiritual Supporters. Instead my writing brought forth this warning. It is becoming very apparent that when I write, those who stand with me, speak through me.

During this time, I have (and do) take refuge in practices that deepen my connection and communion with the Infinite. The grace of the Infinite exists at the center of each and all. I love exploring this connection in yoga and meditation. It speaks clearly to me in nature. In my work, it emerges through the Spiritual Supporters – Ancestors, Guides and Guardians who stand with those whom I serve and support


As a natural progression of my spiritual path, I have deepened my connection to the Luminous Ones who stand with me on this journey. AND --Yes, “these times, they are a changing”.

AND we are not alone on this journey. We are infinitely supported. Your spiritual supporters are attuned to your soul’s level. They honor and support the best next step on your soul’s journey.

AND there are those who are supporting the Earth and the diversity of life on earth.

AND there are those who are caring for the evolutionary future of humanity.

AND there are those who are guiding the journey of the many soul groups.

There is extraordinary support coming to us and acting all around us from the many levels of Creation. It is a wondrous and comforting reunion that spans many times and places. It includes Luminaries who are connected to souls, those who are connected to the Earth, those who are connected to human DNA – So many have gathered to guide, illumine, heal, inspire and to raise our consciousness.

We need to shift our awareness from the chaos so that we may envision a future of positive potentials for the individual, for humanity and for the Earth. At the center of your soul, there is a goodness, a Truth, a Light. When it is activated, it illuminates your path, your purpose, your next best step. When this Light is awakened within humanity, its radiance will combust the darkness, the greed, the meanness, and its brilliance will shine the way forward for our descendants.

Where are you on this journey? What is the state of your body, mind, soul and spirit? I have observed that many are avoiding the messages that are emerging from their soul and their spiritual supporters. This avoidance only contributes to the suffering. We fear the messages that are coming to us. I understand that because we are being forced to face some extremely uncomfortable truths. Regardless of our fears, it is always better to know than it is to not know. The only way forward is through.

The guidance is clear. Whatever it is that takes you into the grace of your soul. Do that. Whatever takes you out of your center and separates you from the intuitive awareness of your soul, eliminate that from your life.

In response to the urgency of the situation, I am sincerely surrendering to my dharma (true work) so that I may be of service. As such, I offer my awareness and my connection to the Luminous. If you would like a private session, I am available by phone. Please let me know if you would prefer to do a face to face on zoom. I have considered offering private Message/ Healing/ Blessing Circles on zoom for small groups of friends and family. Let me know if this is something that would be beneficial. If there are financial challenges, please contact me. I am sincere in my desire to serve and support.

As always, believing in the best in you with love and light… ~Robin

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