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We Are The Ones

Dear Ones

We are collectively experiencing a major reality shift. As a result, I have given great consideration as to what it is that I should say to you.

In 2004, I was given a download that offered a revised historical overview and insight into the times to come. I now understand far beyond that message and yet the relevance of the message is reassuring as the intensity that they spoke of has escalated on a global scale.

As some of you know, my personal life has been challenged in deeply heartfelt ways. In response, I choose to immerse myself in spiritual practice – most especially this past year. I did not want to become bitter or to contribute to the overwhelming negativity of our planet. I wanted to live true to the beauty of my soul. I made a conscious decision to do everything that I could do to be a blessing to those I love and to those I serve. (For example, I have intensely expanded the capacity of my pineal gland which is the biological mechanism for evolving consciousness.)

My deep understanding of these challenging times is a grace – I sincerely believe that it is better to know than not to know. I have made a conscious choice to be more resilient. It is my sincere intention to teach and to inspire resilience in my work. Over the years, I have observed that many people choose to overlook the increasing intensity and challenges with the hope that life will continue along a more comfortable and recognizable path.

We are far from that familiar path now. We believed that our sense of entitlement and/or naivete would protect us from some unthinkable occurrence. Our institutions, food, media and religions have created illusions and delusions that block our natural instincts, soul intuition and spiritual insights from being able to penetrate our current level of entrained consciousness. (I say this because on some level, we all know that something is up. The avoidance of this knowing has contributed to a rise in depression and anxiety.)

We are all here for a reason. How we choose to navigate the increase of the personal and global intensity is our individual and collective purpose. It is our karma and our dharma.

I am writing to remind you that you are perfectly equipped to navigate this new path. We are all equipped to navigate this new path.

However, we will need to get past the illusions and delusions that we have been programmed to believe. Please understand that our absence of response-ability is greatly inhibiting the likelihood of spiritual assistance being able to reach us. God helps those who help themselves.

Can the ever-present flow of divine grace reach you? Everything is energy. We are vibration. Fear and anger are low vibrations. Grace, love and healing are high vibrations. You are designed to be a container for grace. What is obstructing that flow? Why is your Light limited? (Over and over again, I have seen that the remedy for this virus is Light.)

We contain the force and form of the Infinite within our wiring and at every level of our Being. Our divine design awaits our awareness, activation and acceptance. If we prostrate ourselves as broken; when we forget the Truth of who we are; we are inadvertently blocking the flow of grace, healing and love.

Individually, we must find ways to open our hearts to the higher vibrations of the Infinite. When we accept response-ability, we acknowledge the soul’s call to do what it is here to do. If that means staying home, stay home. If that means caring for the sick, care for the sick. If that means going to work in a pandemic, go to work. If that means caring for your children, care for your children. If it means attending to your wellness, attend to your wellness. If it means dedicating your meditation to healing the planet, meditate.

It is the intention behind the action that matters. Do what you can do with love and light.

Put aside all notions that you are unimportant or that you do not matter. Every thought that you think matters. Every emotion that you feel matters. Every action that you take matters. Live with an awareness and connection to and for the Greater Good.

I beseech you to understand: WE ARE THE ONES. Whatever needs to be done to save ourselves, our family, our community, and our planet is up to us.

May you live true to your divine design. May you be a Light unto the world. May you be safe, healthy and response-able in co-creating a blessed and beautiful today and tomorrow for each and all.

Please let me know if there is any way that I can support you.

In Love and Light… ~Robin

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