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The Season of Clarity

Happy New Moon in Leo.

This new moon creates an opportunity to begin again in the middle of the summer season. Leo is ruled by the Sun. The sun shines a light into our lives. It illuminates the good -and the not so good. We are living in times of revolution and disclosure. We must learn how to honor the beauty and how to transform the ugly. The task at hand calls for us to be brave, courageous and resilient and to avoid overwhelm, negativity and fantasy.

On August 1st, we are gifted with the ancient first harvest festival of Lughnasadh. It is the mid-way between the summer solstice and the autumn equinox. What is coming into fruition in your life? What needs to be release? What do you want to accomplish before the end of the summer?

July 30th/August 1st will bring an exact connection (conjunction) between Uranus (innovation/energy), the North Node (karmic purpose) and Mars (tension/turmoil) in Taurus (a fixed earth sign). This disruptive energy will spark breakthroughs and breakdowns – everything from earthquakes, heat, fire, road rage to life-changing epiphanies. Please know that this is not the time to be right. People will be on edge for the next couple of weeks. This is the time to be forgiving and to let it go.

Never has it been more important to walk a middle path. The time for extremism and divisiveness must be put behind us. We need to find common ground. Otherwise, we are sure to face more trying times ahead- both in short term and in the long term. In truth, the difficult times may just be part of our destiny. We have arrived at an epoch whose pressure will create diamonds and / or destruction. Most likely, a little of both.

You do have the power to manage how this energy will affect your life. Can you forgive and put the past behind you? Can you see with your heart and let love be the deciding factor? If you can bring your best self forward and live in harmony with your soul, then it may be possible to stay just above the fray.

My best observation and inspiration lead me to believe that everyone will be challenged to some degree before we step through into a new level of living on planet earth.

The new souls coming to Earth have said for several years that we have missed many of the opportunities for change that we were given. We repeatedly chose the path of least resistance. We have been sold a bill of goods that programed us to believe in consumerism and that more is always better. We believe that we are entitled to happiness and abundance. We do not have any notion of sacrificing for the greater good. We subscribe to the notion that someone else will do the work.

There is no more time and no one else. We must be the change that is needed.

I DO NOT DESPAIR. And I do not recommend despair. I encourage consciousness. Live your life as if EVERYTHING matters. The small choices to be good and to do good create an essential energy in the world. Your choices are incredibly impactful. Guard your time and energy. Use this commodity to be love, light, healing and peace. I believe that light will overcome darkness; love will overcome hatred and peace will overcome war.

On a personal note. I have been down with a head cold for over a month. I lost my hearing and had terrible vertigo. I am choosing to believe that my virus was a DNA upgrade and that the best is yet to come. I have had such lovely, potent and powerful dreams during this time. I am so grateful for the healing that is done on the other levels.

In truth, this year has brought some heart-breaking revelations that have been very difficult to navigate. Even with my spiritual disciplines, I was a bit overwhelmed. During a recent international shamanic gathering, the Leader said that challenges often indicates that great soulwork is underway. I share this so that whatever challenges that you are facing, may you know that your soul is active and on path. Our life purpose is deeply connected to our trials and tribulations as they are the greatest teachers and transformers. Difficult times are great indicators that we are doing the work that we came here to do.

The best that we can do is SHOW UP, BE PRESENT, and DO OUR BEST.

As such, yoga is back on Friday. I have decided to cancel the Sunday class for the rest of the summer and plan to reinvent it in the fall. I am highly motivated to support you in whatever ways that I can. I am very excited to be offering a monthlly program starting in the fall. It will open portals of positive possiblilities in your life.

Love and blessings to you always,


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