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The power to choose

The significance of the power to choose cannot be overstated. It is woven into the tapestry of the soul’s purpose. When we choose, we are activating our innate power. The choices that we make impact our reality as they are the mechanics of our co-creativity and demonstrate reality made manifest.

The challenges of third dimensional living force us to experience the depth and complexity of the soul. From a spiritual perspective, this was never meant to be disempowering. Our disempowerment is a false belief in the limitation of the soul. Fear is False Belief Appearing Real. We are, as the Infinite Force created us, powerful beyond measure.

The belief that we are powerless is a mistake! Regardless of our beliefs, we are much more powerful than we know.

The difficulties that we are facing are exactly what our souls came here to experience.

We are not on this earth to satisfy that attachments and ideals of the ego. We are here to experience the extraordinary capability of the soul. There are times on this journey when we amaze ourselves with a strength that enables us to survive that which we never thought that we could survive. We discover our power when we are tested and emerge victorious. The human experience provides many opportunities for us to come to know the depth and power of the soul.

I understand that the times that we are experiencing on this planet at this time are challenging – very challenging. The lines between right and wrong, good and bad are complicated. In order to navigate the paradox within the polarities, we require the power and purpose of the soul. The journey through this demonstrates just how extraordinarily amazing and adventurous souls truly are.

We came here with the understanding that this “mission” is imperative to our soul, to the collective soul of the earth and to all of her inhabitants. The choices that are being made at this time will have lasting effects upon our individual souls, the collective soul, the future of humanity and the future of the earth. Our souls are more than interconnected, we are One. As Jesus said in Matthew 25:40, "Truly I tell you, whatever you did for the least of my brothers, that you did for Me."

In summary, our souls, full of grace and wonder, came to here to learn, grow and evolve from the choices and challenges that we are facing today. Certainly, this is relevant in the context of our society. It must also be understood that it is equally relevant in the day-to-day choices that we make. Our beliefs, our emotions, our intentions, our actions, and the energy that we are holding are significant to the whole. The way in which we chose to respond when we are stressed reverberates out into our world. The ramifications are as true in the small moments of life as they are in the great moments of life.

It is my prayer that you will embrace your grace and consciously choose your path and purpose at this time.

May the relevance of the Healing Formula support your journey.

1. Acknowledge the situation at hand.

This is no time to “hide your light under a bushel” or to stick your head in the sand. This is a great call to your soul.

2. Forgive and release what is not for the greatest good.

We were never meant to be creatures of war. We came here to bring the love and light of the Infinite into this time and space. We are being manipulated, poisoned, and programed to believe otherwise. No matter! We are here to forgive the ignorance and arrogance of those who mislead us. We are here to remember who we truly are.

3. Affirm with love, conscious choice, and grace-informed action.

Be the light. Remember love. Envision a future of sustainable health, happiness and abundance for all. Do all that is within your power to bring this vision into manifestation with conscious choice, patience, compassion, love and productive positive action.

4. Be grateful!

What a gift this life truly is. It is beautiful and tender in its joy and in its sorrow. Remember, the challenges are instruments of grace revealing that which our souls came here to transform, transfigure and transcend. We are here to choose again and again. We are here to forgive the worse and to bless the best.

And so it is! With love… ~Robin

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