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Shine Your Light


I blinked and now it is August 2021.

I loved staying home in 2020. The telephone and zoom accommodated my consultations and classes. I was able to do kundalini yoga teacher training and deepen my journeywork in a study with wise teachers. I loved the opportunity to serve and to study.

However, 2021 has been challenging. Several of my family members have been ill. Gratefully, they are improving. To best cope, I have attended to my Soul with nature, yoga, meditation, mantra, and magic. I listened to the stories carried on the wind and held deep in the trees. I journeyed with the Fae to the sea. I communed with the Cosmos. I immersed myself in the wisdom and grace within and all around me.

The Ancients Ones reminded me of an awakening that happened to me over twenty years ago. On my way home from ministry training, I needed to run into Meijer for a few things. To my amazement, everyone in the store was glowing. The light was not their aura. I have always been able to experience auric energy. This was way beyond anything that I had ever seen before. This glowing luminescent light was pure. It did not contain any of the day-to-day data that is held in the lower energy anatomy. This was Grace. This was Love. This was the most authentic energy that I had ever seen or experienced. In an instant, I understood that I was seeing the Divine aspect of everyone’s soul. It was free of negativity, stress, worry, and fear. It was pure beauty and grace.

After all these years, I know that the true purpose of my work is to witness the Light at the center of each and all. There are times when our Light may seem dim or distant. When we are lost, stressed, ill, or overwhelmed, our Light needs to be recognized. When our Divine Light is recognized by another, it rises to the occasion. When someone recognizes our Divinity, our Light awakens and empowers us to reconnect to our Soul and our Spirit.

This is my practice. This is my purpose. This is my path.

The ability to see and honor your Divine Light is not for my benefit. It is for you. You deserve to be witnessed. We need to be recognized for the Truth that we are; the Light that we are; the Grace that we are.

It is my hope that our work together will take you into a greater experience of your Light. All that I offer, my words, and my guidance are meant to deepen your awareness and experience of the Grace that is, was, and always will be you.

We live in a stressful, chaotic, and distracting world. We may need encouragement and support to stay focused on what is truly important. What could possibly be more important than your Divine Light and your soul’s path in this lifetime?

When we open to the Divine Light within – to the genuine experience of the Divine Light of our Soul, the truth is illuminated, and our path is clarified. This is our best medicine. This is healing for our body, emotions, mind, and soul. The Light clarifies the significance of our life, relationships, our dis-eases, our gifts, and our challenges. The experience of this Light brings perspective and meaning to all that is happening in life.

Life on Earth is difficult. We are living in complicated times. There is dis-ease, dysfunction, and disharmony. We may have hoped that all would return to normal in 2021. However, there is no normal. The issues that are challenging planet earth are evolving. The way ahead promises to be problematic. You will need the Light of your Soul to give you strength, courage, and purpose.

Honoring your Light... ~Robin

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