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New Moon Inspiration for a Mid-Year Check-In


Happy New Moon. The Cancer New Moon peaked for us yesterday and the energy is still active.

Many people honor the flow of the moon each month as it shifts signs every 2 to 2 ½ days waxing from new moon to full moon. From there, it wanes as it moves towards the next new moon. This monthly ebb and flow cycle aligns with our own bio-rhythms.

Another way to utilize the energy of the new moon is to focus on the specific sign in which the new moon occurs. The energy activated will grow and evolve through the passing months until a full moon occurs in the same sign and completes the cycle.

We are provided an opportunity to utilize the energy of a particular sign for a six-month period. This creates a specific timeframe to work with in order to clarify an intention and begin the journey; to cultivate progressive action steps; to evaluate and discern our progress along the path and finally to offer a gratitude for the fulfillment of our intention.

This Cancer New Moon will complete its cycle on January 17th, 2023, with a Full Moon in Cancer.

Cancer is a water sign. Water signs are emotional, intuitive, and sensitive. Cancer is also significant because it is a cardinal sign. Each season begins with a cardinal sign. They hold the energy of initiation and new beginnings.

The Cancer New Moon is a potent time to set intentions for your soft, sensitve, emotional self.

In astrology, Cancer rules the 4th House of Home, Family & Inner Self. You can use this correspondence to set intentions for any these areas of your life.

As a lover of the Tuning In process, a mid-year check-in was calling to me. I created a worksheet and am offering it as a gift on my website and Facebook. I recommend taking some time to work through this check-in. Spend some time every morning or evening before you go to bed to complete one or two pages. Consider this a sacred, conscious ritual.

This tool is designed around the astrological house system which is an ancient energy tool that has been used for thousands of years to better know oneself. The worksheet offers an in-depth look into the state of your life, your values, what you need to release and what your goals are for the next six months.

Enjoy the gift!

Love and light from my heart to your heart,


Tuning In - A Mid-Year Check In 2022
Download PDF • 116KB

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