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New Moon Blessing


Today, we have a new moon in Aquarius and there is a gathering of planets in the same sign which is intensifying the Aquarian perspective. Aquarian energy is highly social with a focus on friendships, group activities, social pursuits, and humanitarian efforts. This is also an excellent time to reframe your viewpoint by thinking out of the box and considering solutions that you may not have thought of before. This vibration loves taking in new information so it is a good time to take a class or to learn a new technology.

As part of my personal practice, I honor the energy of each new moon by reflecting on the current energy in the world and in my life. With this heightened awareness, I set my intentions for the time ahead.

An important part of this process is to assess the current state.

Every season has three distinct qualities which are characterized by the sun’s transit through three astrological signs. The first sign of a season is the herald of new beginnings. It is visionary in nature. The sign of Capricorn initiated the winter season. On January 20th, the sun moved into Aquarius, the middle sign of the season. The middle signs hold a fixed quality and are considered the most potent of each season. Aquarius hold the power and presence of winter. We are certainly seeing the potent power of winter these days! The third sign of each season holds the mutable quality of changeability as it moves us through the end of one season and prepares us for the next.

The Aquarian perspective gifts us with the ability to look to the future with hope. In this deep winter, we are meant to dream of the coming spring and visualize what it is that we want to manifest in the future. Winter asks that we slow things down. Pause, reflect, rest and renew. If you feel restricted or limited, it is still necessary to take time to recharge and recalibrate. In a more relaxed and receptive state, the Aquarian energy will spark your imagination and awaken hidden potentials.

In time, spring will come. Change is inevitable. For now, let’s make the best of the current energy.

With an inhale, fully acknowledge the current situation.


With a long exhale, forgive and release all that no longer serves or supports your good. What has been, has been. If we are to move forward on our path, we must let go of our attachment and entanglement with the past. Let it go so that what has past is truly done. With the release of the past, you create a space for the new.

Inhale all that you dare to dream. Wish. Wonder. Breath in all the good that your heart is longing for.

With your exhale, integrate and fully receive the insights and inspirations that you opened to.

Inhale blessings, healing, and bounty.

Exhale with gratitude. Trust in the great good that you have initiated.

May this new moon activate a new level of clarity, presence, and possibility in your life.

With love and light… ~Robin

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