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Morning Sun Blessing

How wonderful it is to have the sunshine.

We have a couple more weeks of winter and then we will officially shift into spring. This is a good time to let go of your winter heaviness and embrace a lightness of being.

There is a song from the Indigenous traditions that can be sung in the morning. I like to sing it when I take the dogs out for their morning walk. The words are:

Morning Sun, Morning sun, morning sun. Come my way, come my way (x4)

Come my way, come my way. Take my pain, take my pain (x4)

Take my pain, take my pain. Down below, down below. (x4)

Down below, down below, Cool waters down below (x4)

Here is a YouTube link to one of Sandra Ingerman’s workshops so that you can hear the song being sung.

How significant this simple practice can be as we approach the spring equinox. It is a good time to let go of whatever it is that is causing “pain”. Let the sun, whether you can see it or not, transfigure all that does not serve your great good. Let the light shine in and burn away negativity, illness, anger and depression.

May this is a wonderful practice prepare you for the shift into spring. May it create a space in your life for your hopes and intentions emerge.

What are your intentions for spring?

Please know that I am offering a Spring Renewal Ceremony. It is intended to create a space for us to open our spiritual support for inspirations and insights. We need to do whatever we can do to maximize our opportunity to bless the season ahead.

May the light of the increasing sun illuminate healing, grace and goodness in your life.

With love and light,


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