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May Peace Prevail

Dear Ones,

It is the best of times. It is the worst of times. ~ Charles Dickens

One of my favorite astrologers recently quoted this in reference to the astrology of 2022. You do not need to be an astrologer to understand that this statement has never been more appropriate.

In our darkness, in our wars and our fear; our illness and in our suffering; in our anxiety and our outrage; there is a communal awareness that connects us.
Just when we think that things cannot get worse or when it seems that that the worse is behind us, we are hit by another wave of trauma.

Amid such turbulence, how do we stay on path? How do stay true to our beliefs? How do hold on to hope and have faith?

We must see the beauty and blessing in each day. We must honor the meaningful moments. We must cultivate hope, compassion, love and peace. We must find a way to celebrate the good. We must choose each day to be part of the solution.

During such times, there is unprecedented support. Troubling times can bring out the very best in people. We see again and again how people are coming forward to help others. There is great good in us. We just need to bring it forth and share it with the world.
How do we maintain our radiance in times of such great sorrow? How do we see true and begin anew each day? How can we be the light in the darkness?

It is difficult. It has been repeated by the Spiritual Supporters again and again that we are so much more than we believe ourselves to be. We are one with an Infinite Grace; a Divine Light. From this Oneness, we can tap into an Infinite supply of hope, healing, peace and positivity.

We are the hope for healing our world. We are the ones.

It is my hope and prayer that you will step forward in your life. The promise of peace begins with you. Open your heart. Be the good. Stand strong. Protect the weak. Feed the hungry. Heal the sick. Forgive the evil. Hold compassion. Do not give in or give up. Honor the good. Shine the light.

And by so doing, we will shift from darkness into light. Good will overcome evil. Truth will transform propaganda. Justice will emerge victorious. Healing will happen. Peace will propagate. And so it is!

Believing in you!

With Love and Light,


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