March Message


My messages have always reflected the intuitive awareness that we are living in times of significant transition. I know

that my consistency may have seemed redundant. Now, as we are experiencing so many unknowns, my concerns may seem more relevant.

During such times, we are given, in often stressful ways, an opportunity to choose a path of soul evolution that expands our consciousness and opens the heart. The challenges that we are facing are often viewed as karma when they are truly our individual, and collective, dharma (purpose).

These experiences do not come with a warning or with instructions. They push us hard and test our mettle which provides deep insight into who we truly are.

The truth of who we are is not necessarily apparent when “everything is awesome, everything is cool.” The truth of who we are reveals itself when we are under fire, in the trenches, or buried alive. It is how we navigate the times of great stress that we may come to know what we really believe in and who it is that we believe ourselves to be.

We all signed up for this and there is a plan. It includes miracles, spontaneous awakenings earned breakthroughs and deep healing.

We are not alone in all of this. Our spiritual supporters, in their many and varied forms, are here with us offering inspiration and support.

We have an opportunity to step beyond the limited perspective of what we believe and perceive our life on earth should be. We have the extraordinary opportunity to shift into a higher functioning, high vibrational way of living.

Times such as these require an opening of our hearts (4th chakra) and an activation of our intuitive minds (6th chakra) so that we can access the higher truths and inspired insights. We need to open to the grace of the Infinite One (Infinite Oneness). This is a time to become extraordinarily creative, innovative, wise, generous, compassionate, loving, kind, awake and aware.

Fear is the thing that we must face and overc

ome. Observe what is the motivating factor in your decisions. If you are acting from a place of fear, the intens

ity of the times will generate a fear that will override the best of intentions. Fear is hungry and "misery loves company". Take care what you are feeding and whom you are commiserating with.