Holiday Blessing

Dear Heart,

Inhale Love…. Pause and hold. Integrate. Receive. Become.

Exhale Love. Divine Love. Radiant Love. Only Love. Always Love.

Inhale Gratitude. Pause and hold Gratitude in every fiber of your Being.

Exhale Gratitude… Shared. Extended. Offered to all.

Inhale Love….

Again and again.

From my open and courageous heart, I extend to you a great flow of gratitude and love. It is an honor to have this connection with you and to share in your spiritual journey.

I wonder, as we enter the season of giving and receiving, is your heart truly equipped and prepared? With so many demands upon our time and energy, it may be challenging to feel the openness of heart and generosity of spirit that the season calls for. How can we give if we are exhausted, depleted or heart-broken?

The thymus gland sits in the center of the chest, under the sternum, near the heart. This gland has a major role in the functioning of the immune system and it is directly connected to the energy of the heart chakra. In recent scans, the thymus gland has been found to be so calcified that it is unrecognizable. I believe that this is a direct reflection of the stress of our lives and the state of our hearts.

How do we keep our heart open and functioning in the midst of loss, fear, and anger? How do we clear the stuck emotions? The Eden Method of energy medicine recommends a daily thymus thump: You can incorporate a heart-focused meditation into your weekly or daily practice. The thymus thump and the meditation that I share in my classes are part of my daily practice. This past year, I added kundalini yoga. This type of yoga is specifically designed to remove energy blockages and to reprogram the subconscious mind.

As I have committed to a daily practice, there have been many kriyas (energy exercises) and meditations that have forced me to face my deepest emotions. Spontaneously tears would flow bringing up long held intense emotions that I was unable to process in ordinary life. I had to confront the deep anguish of loss, sorrow (sadness that devolves when it is not properly cleared) and heart-break. I encountered rage (the emotion that arises when our boundaries have been compromised), stifled anger and ancient resentments. Even when it felt like the despair would swallow me completely, I continued on with the work.