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Happy New Year - 2023 =#7

In traditional numerology, the number 7 is considered highly spiritual as demonstrated by “seven days in a week” “seven chakras”, “seven colors in the rainbow” and “On the seventh day, God rested…” The energy of #7 creates an opportunity for us gain spiritual insight during the course of the year.

Social activity is best moderated with meditation, mindfulness, and reflection. You are inspired to put things in their proper perspective. Garden, do yoga and create art. The vibrational energy of #7 calls upon us, individually and collectively, to draw upon the higher levels of consciousness and to find creative ways in which to manifest our inspirations for ourselves, each other, and the Earth.

The Kabbalistic Tree of Life: #7 Netzach ~ Victory / Endurance / Eternity

The seventh path is called “Hidden Consciousness” because it is the radiance that illuminates the spiritual powers that are seen by inner contemplation and by the ecstasy of Faith. -Sefer Yetzirah

The “hidden consciousness” of Netzach is a call to attune to the unconscious potential imbedded within the thoughts, feelings, and emotions that are woven within the complexity of our humanity. If we are to access the power of Netzach, we must feel our way into this wisdom. Our sensuality and passion become the gateway for the Creative to manifest on the physical plane. Netzach inspires us to intentionally create our life and to have a passion for our individual, and collective, roles within Creation.

Netzach holds the power of endurance. This is an invitation to “stay the course” and to repeat a process over and over again until success is achieved. The mantra that is connected to Netzach is one of the Hebrew names of God - “Yod Hey Vav Hey Tzevaot” and translates as “the armies of the energy of Wisdom(God)”. The message is that with dedication, with discipline, and with repetition, your prayers will be affirmatively answered by a host (army) of Spiritual Supporters.

Tarot’s Archetypal Energy ~#7 “The Chariot”

The #7 of the major arcana holds the archetypal power of the Chariot. The Hebrew letter assigned to the Chariot is “cheth”(pronounced kayth) which translates as field or fence. This represents a perspective, chosen field of focus, in which each person has an opportunity to explore the experience of the soul’s embodiment within humanity. It could be understood that the Chariot represents the vehicle, or "field", of the soul in this lifetime.

In the tarot tradition, the Chariot is said to be a card of victory and success. This "victory" comes from the number 7’s connection to Netzach. In truth, success requires great willpower and dedication. Victory can only be achieved through proper perspective (field of view) and dedication to discipline (endurance).

The many qualities connected to the #7 and The Chariot demonstrate that a strategy is required. The wisdom of our instincts, our passions and our perspectives that are communicated through the soul’s physical embodiment are an opportunity for us to “know what we know”. Netzach, Cheth and The Chariot guide us to assess our own experiences in order to develop a strategy that will require willpower and endurance to create success and to manifest victory.

Tantric Numerology ~ #7 The Aura

Tantric numerology is based upon the ten energy bodies. The Aura is the 7th energy body, and it is the electromagnetic energy that emanates from the chakras, nadis and meridians that emanate around the physical body.

As an Aura year, the energy invites us to raise the vibration of our aura. The aura can hold energies of past experiences and karmic connections. This can keep us stuck. If our aura is weakened by illness, stress or substance, it can make us vulnerable to the energies of people and environments. When we raise our vibration, we create a strong positive aura that protects us and blesses others.

The seventh body insight for this year is to engage in activities that activate positive energy that will revitalize your life force and strengthen your aura. This can create a magnetism that will bring opportunities and blessings into your life.


I am available for personalize Tuning In Sessions that will cover your numerology, chakras and astrological transits for the year. Find our more here.

Please join me for yoga on Friday mornings at 10am. I promise that we will raise your vibration.

Many Blessings for 2023!

Love, Robin

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