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Gratitude & the Eclipse Season

Dear Ones,

We stand together at a time between two eclipses. A partial solar eclipse from the new moon in October and a total lunar eclipse coming on November 8th. Eclipse energy is active for six months, so we are familiar with its stirrings. It is interesting that it is peaking, around Halloween and All Soul’s Day, when the veil is thin. During this time of year, we are all walkers between the worlds.

Eclipses occur when the nodes of the moon are activated. The south node is our history and our karma. The north node is our path, purpose, and our dharma. According to western astrology, the eclipses are activating the axis polarity between Scorpio (the solar clipse / new moon) and Taurus (the lunar eclipse/ full moon). The full moon on the 8th will be grounded in the earthy energy of Taurus which may translate to some shake-ups on the physical plane.

The sun is in the constellation of Scorpio, which is ruled by Pluto, the planet of transformation. Pluto has been activated with Uranus (Initiator of Change) and Saturn (the Old Guard). This is generating a tension that is moving towards the completion of a cycle of change.

We each have our own individual issues playing out in our lives. We also have the collective concerns about healthcare, inflation, politics, violence, and war that are active in the world.

The call is to stay centered in your heart and to focus on what is truly significant. Stay humble. Be kind. Have compassion. Bless, and honor with your gratitude, that which is most meaningful to you.

Blessed be the man and the woman who have grown beyond their greed and have put an end to their hatred and no longer nourish illusions. But they delight in the way things are and keep their hearts open, day and night. They are like trees planted near flowing rivers, which bear fruit when they are ready. Their leaves will not fall or wither. Everything they do will succeed.

-Psalm 1 (version by Stephen Mitchell)

I want to thank everyone for their kind words when I shared that my mother was in hospice care. She became fragile very quickly. We honored her religion and had a catholic priest come to give her a beautiful blessing. My brother, sisters and I were with her during her last days. We read letters that she had written to my grandparents when we were children. It was so sweet to have that window into her life. Twenty years ago, when she was ill, she wrote a letter to the five of us telling us how much she loved us and how proud she and my dad were of each of us. She passed away after being in hospice only eight days. It was a very sad and sacred time. I had the honor of washing her body and blessing her with frankincense and myrrh. She has visited me several times and is radiant in her soul.

Birth is a beginning and death is a destination.

From childhood to maturity and youth to age,

From innocence to awareness and ignorance to knowing.

From foolishness to discretion and then, perhaps to wisdom.

From weakness to strength or strength to weakness, and back again.

From health to sickness and back, we pray to health again.

From offense to forgiveness, from loneliness to love.

From joy to gratitude, from pain to compassion.

From grief to understanding, from fear to faith.

From defeat to defeat until looking backwards or ahead, we see that

Victory lies not at some high place along the way,

But in having made the Journey, stage by stage.

-Yom Kippur Prayer

On the new moon, I set my intention for this autumn season: I choose to see the good and to be grateful. Gratitude is the great healer of grief.

I am grateful to return to yoga and consultations. I think it is time for a Message Circle. I will let you know when I have one scheduled.

As the brilliant-colored leaves continue to fall and we shift deeper into the autumn season, I offer to you and yours many beautiful blessings.

In Peace,


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