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Blessing Your Intentions for 2022

Happy New Year!

May 2022 bring many gifts to your life. May all that you hold dear be blessed, healed, and honored. May this be the year that opens your heart and expands your consciousness.

The astrology for 2022 offers gifts and challenges. The challenges are part of a decade long journey that will evolve and transform us. Most astrologers believe that the epidemic will not fully pass until the challenging aspect (square) between Saturn (Restrictions) in Aquarius (Innovation) and Uranus (Intensity) in Taurus (Earth, Stability) move out of connection in November 2022.

On a positive note, Jupiter (the Benefic) and Neptune (Dreamer) will conjoin in April in the spiritual sign of Pisces. This aspect that will inspire our dreams and deepen our intuition. Therefore, it is crutial for us to clarify what we want to manifest and what we want to release. It feels highly productive to utilize this energy to develop intentional affirmations for 2022 and beyond. This aspect in Pisces hasn’t happened since the 1800s.

In January and February, we have a Venus (Values) retrograde in Capricorn (Structures /Systems) connecting with Pluto (Power/Transformation) three times. In an overlapping event, Mercury (Mind/Communications) will retrograde in Capricorn (Structures/Systems) with a Pluto (Transformation) connection. This gives us about six weeks to dive deep into our values and set clear, conscious intentions that will propel our life forward in the direction of our hopes and dreams.

The most significant thing that I can say is that we are living in times that hold unlimited potential. Whatever it is that you give energy to WILL generate, create, and manifest. This is an immense opportunity.

It is also the great challenge of our times. If we are engaging in fear, worry, hatred, anger, and other negative thoughts and feelings, we are simply increasing this potential in life. We, as individuals, need to become conscious of our thoughts and feelings. We need to “be the change”. Those who are able to raise the vibrational frequency of the planet need to do so for those who are deeply emersed in the lower energies. It has never been more important to ‘be a light unto the world”.

The best place to start is right where you are. Make small steps every day. One of my personal disciplines is to shift judgement to compassion in the holy moment. I have been practicing this for some time and now I can actually “see” compassion as a transformative energy that unravels the fear/negativity dissolving it into a well of love, light, healing, and peace. Compassion is so much more than a word or an intention. From the heart of the Infinite, it is miraculous. (We need to hold compassion for ourselves first. We cannot give to others that which we do not have for ourselves.)

Please understand that there is no rescue planned for planet Earth. The miracles that need to happen must be channeled through those who are embodied. The necessary changes and needed transformation will only happen through those who are willing to do the work. With the inspiration, blessings and support of our Spiritual Supporters, the miracles are completely up to us. – So let’s get on with it.

In support of your intention setting, I have a few suggestions to support your process. In the Tuning In class we used the 12 houses of the zodiac as the basis for our intentions. In previous years, we drew upon the 8 chakras. You can also use the elemental medicine wheel. I will post a pdf to download under the spiritual practice tab on my website.

Develop a list of your intentions. It is good to have a mix of Dedications (Doings) and Disciplines (Un-doings). Build a list that includes the physical (body, structures, foundations, money), the emotional (relationships, family, friends, heart holdings), the mind (financial, business, education) and energy (spirit, movement, experience, change, transformation, and play).

Create an altar. An altar serves as a daily reminder that this life is sacred and meaningful. Make a sacred conscious space somewhere in your home with items that are meaningful to you. I have a candle, crystals, religious/spiritual objects of significance, books and gifts that loved ones have given to me. Many people have pictures of their ancestors on their altars. I have an altar in every room of my house, including the bathrooms.

Place a copy of your list on your altar, on your mirror or someplace that you will see it and give energy to it every day. That which we give energy to, grows. Bless the best, release the rest.

You can also put a copy of the intentions that you want to grow under a green and growing plant. As you attend to the plant, remind yourself of your intentions.

We are ever evolving. Allow your list to grow, evolve and adapt. Make changes as change is needed.

Make a list of challenges, obstacles, traumas, and anything that you want to release. Find a safe container to burn this list. Take the ashes outside and offer them to nature. As the list burns, allow the smoke to carry the issue(s) to the higher levels, to the Infinite, to be transformed.

Make an offering in gratitude. I have a compost pile. Every time that I take out an old potato or vegetable cuttings, I offer them to Nature, the Earth, the Land, to the Oneness.

Everything holds its meaning and power. It is all sacred.

May this support your journey and honor your intentions. I send to you many blessings for 2022.

With love and light,


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