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Own Your Medicine

Autumn Blessings!

Blessings to you for this sacred shift from summer to fall.

We are once again called to change and transform. Today we shift from summer to autumn through the gateway of the equinox. On Sunday, the new moon in Libra will consecrate the new season with a focus on harmonizing relationships.

At this time, six planets, including Mercury, are all retrograde. They will, one by one, begin to move forward in October but the energy of the great pause is upon us. This is a good time to review, release and re-do.

Saturn and Uranus are contributing to the energy as they challenge each other’s power. This aspect has been with us for a while. On the final thrust of this aspect, it is creating tension around the cost of living and food supplies. For this and so many reason, we may have a very stressful season ahead of us.

We can handle it. We can use the shifting ups and downs to our advantage. We can revise our decisions. We can finally let go and release what needs to be released. We can clarify our intentions and we can always begin again. The universal, galactic and planetary energies are supporting the evolution of our planet and every aspect therein. We are downloading an upgrade and our souls are the beneficiaries.

Life on earth has always been a great adventure. We come here, after all, to explore, learn, challenge, create, forgive and trust. The media marketers do not accurately reflect the true meaning of life. No one is entitled. Nothing here is guaranteed except for birth and death. Everything in between is a discovery, a gift, a love and a heartbreak. What brave souls we are to come and give it a go!

In all honesty, this has been quite a year. A time of clarity, expanding gifts, new opportunities, and joy. There has also been stress, frustration, and deep anguish. The way ahead is conflicted. We are birthing a new earth and a new way of living. At the same time, there are extinctions, mass shootings, war, and disease.

How are we to find our way through?

We have arrived at a point when we must move beyond philosophy and good intentions into action. This time calls for each of us to bring our best self forward.

To do so, we must ground ourselves in the present. We begin by finding our roots. The root chakra is not just mythology or new age nonsense. We, like the plants in our garden, need to run our roots down into fertile soil if we are to rise strong and resilient.

You must plant yourself exclusively in that which heals, sustains, supports, and nourishes you. You will need to become acutely aware of the who’s, what’s and where’s that are genuinely supporting you. Everything else may be corrupting, limiting, or weakening you.

It has been said that “We are the Ones”. We are the medicine for our world. First, however, we must discover what our medicine is. What we heal in ourselves becomes the medicine that we are meant to share. Attend to yourself – your body, your emotions, your mind and your soul. In this sacred self-care, your great medicine will emerge.

Our challenges are the prospects of the soul. Begin to see every discomfort, every pain, every sorrow, every illness, every heartbreak as a sacred opportunity to grow beyond the discomfort into the depth and breadth of your power; your medicine; your magic.

Owning your medicine is the only way through the great challenges that we now face. There are no shortcuts in honoring the vocation of your soul. The blessing of this world is measured by the blessings that you are willing to give to yourself.

My power comes from a willingness to work through the suffering and sorrow. I choose to transform my wounds into the medicine that I offer to the world. This is a lived experience. It takes grit and humility to dive deep into the uncomfortable in order to emerge wise, strong and compassionate.

We are capable of so much more than we believe.

May you step into your power

and transform your challenges into your great medicine.

May your roots grow deep into an Earth that supports and nourishes you.

May your branches rise above the apparent chaos of the world

into a Grace that inspires and activates you.

May you stand strong in the present with your medicine and magic

blessing your life, your loves and the ache in the world that is calling to you.

May this be your season –

a time when you will bring your much needed medicine to our world.

From my heart to your heart - magic, miracles and blessings unfolding…


PS - I want to share a new favorite song that I found for yoga. May it support your Resilience!

Here are the lyrics so that you can sing along and we will indeed make a "mighty roar".


I am resilient I trust the movement I negate the chaos Uplift the negative I'll show up at the table Again and again and again I'll close my mouth and learn to listen

These times are poignant The winds have shifted It's all we can do To stay uplifted Pipelines through backyards Wolves howling out front Yeah I got my crew but truth is what I want

Realigned and on point Power to the peaceful, prayers to the waters Women at the center All vessels open to give and receive Let's see this system brought down to its knees

I'm made of thunder, I'm made of lightning I'm made of dirt, yeah Made of the fine things My father taught me That I'm a speck of dust and this world Was made for me so let's go and try our luck

I've got my roots down down down down down down deep I've got my roots down down down down down down deep I've got my roots down down down deep I've got my roots down down down deep

So what are we doing here What has been done What are you gonna do about it When the world comes undone My voice feels tiny And I'm sure so does yours Put us all together we'll make a mighty roar

I am resilient I trust the movement I negate the chaos Uplift the negative I'll show up at the table again and again and again I'll close my mouth and learn to listen...

Source: Musixmatch

Songwriters: Leah Smith / Chloe Smith

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