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An Opportunity to Choose Again

Dear Ones,

It is my sincere hope that this message finds you and yours well.

I understand that many of us are living different lives than we did just a couple of months ago. It could be said that we have been given, individually and collectively, an intense initiation to new level of living. From a spiritual, energetic and environmental perspective, it is amazing what is now possible. However, the reality of the situation is worrying as a loss of income, security, normalcy, health and even life are emerging potentialities.

For over fifteen years, I have offered the Tuning In class as a sacred and informative way in which to bless and prepare for the new year. It has evolved over the years, as I have added intentional living tools and astrology to the process. My astrological research indicated that we were in for a challenging, once-in-a-lifetime astrological event. The astrological insight proved to be very telling.

This energy will continue to unfold as the year progresses. It is a Pluto/Saturn/Jupiter in Capricorn event that will be reactivated with retrogrades and with an aspecting Mars transit. What it all boils down to is that this year is the start of a decade of change. Whether the virus clears quickly, lingers or re-emerges, the economical, organizational and societal effects will impact us for years to come.

As we are now a couple of months into this experience, we have had time to learn if our choices, our habits and our foundations are supporting the lives that we want to live. Are your personal choices working for you?

This is the huge test. Are the choices that you make every day, every week, and every month able to support you through the good times and the hard times? There is a gift in this inquiry because this awareness creates an opportunity for us to choose again.

At the start of this year, I decided to do a 120 meditation kriya (a two-part physical meditative exercise). I can only say that it felt important. As I developed my routine, I found that a morning workout/meditation practice was the best way for me to start my day. I chose to do the 120 day meditation kriya in the late afternoon. This work became my friend. In a world full of chaos and scary unknowns, every day I went to my meditation mat and did this practice. There were times when it was truly difficult and I learned that I was stronger than I thought. There were other times in the meditation when my awareness moved into the space of peace and beauty. Eventually, I knew that if I persisted, I would arrive at the place of peace. It was such a blessing, especially during the pandemic.

There are many epiphanies that I have had since I sincerely committed to a daily yoga and meditation practice. The additional commitment of the kriya expanded my concentration, my endurance and my faith. In the midst of great stress, I have peace. Each day comes with its own beauty and joy. At the same time, I have compassion and consciousness for the complexity of our world. I have found a practice that serves and supports my life. My life is better from this work. What I receive from my practice, nourishes every aspect of my life.

I am sharing this because in the times to come, you will need to have a plan, a path, a practice that will sustain you. If you have not found one that works for you, there is no better time than now to do so. Start with small steps. Experiment. Wonder. Explore. Every second that you invest in self-honoring, self-healing, self-awareness, and self-blessing practices will support your whole life, the lives of those you love, your community and the world. It is so worth it. Most importantly, you are worth it.

I have spent twenty years evolving my skills, researching wisdom and developing methods that are practical, effective and transformative. My website offers a meditation, tapping instructions and additional content will be available in the coming weeks and months. It is my sincere intention to honor, support and bless you. I have found that committing to a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly session can be very supportive. In this work, we can do personalized meditations, meridian tapping, clarify intentions, develop a practice, make commitments and experience blessings. Please let me know if I can support your journey at this time.

With Love and Blessings... ~ Robin

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