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Affirmations for 2022

This is the year to take your time in the development of your intentions. The astrological energy has been complex at the beginning of the year with Venus and Mercury Retrogrades. This has created a pause and an opportunity for deep consideration.

As the year progresses, we will feel the forward thrust. It is important to note that the energy has been building for a couple of years. This pressure will push us all forward on our path. This adds another level of relevance in choosing our way. We need to consciously give energy to that which is meaningful and to consciously remove our energy from that all that we want to diminish or go away.

With that said, it has never been more important to take the time to clarify and seal your intentions with affirmation-into-action statements. You need to create compass points - clear guidance so that your energy will flow in the direction of your heart, soul, and spirit.

In creating your statements, it is best to use positive and current language. I recommend using “I now choose” or “I am excited” or “I am grateful” or simply “I AM”.

We will use the energy of the 12 houses of the zodiac in order to attend to every area of our lives. This creates a thorough approach to clarify and affirm what is most significant.

Please understand that the affirmations listed are only suggestions and inspirations; a starting off point for your own process.

1st House ~ Appearance, Identity, Authenticity & Leadership

I am happy and healthy; blessed and beautiful; clear and conscious; awake and aware; joyous and generous.

I now choose to live a life true to my Soul and Spirit.

I now choose to live an authentic life.

I am confident.

I am beautiful. I am handsome. I am awesome.


2nd House ~ Values, Desires, Goal Setting and Money

I am enough. I have enough. All is well.

I am blessed with abundance.

I am joyfully creating sustainable income.

I now choose to live my values.


3rd House ~ Communication, Local Community, Siblings and Neighborhood

I am an effective communicator. I now choose to speak with integrity.

I easily navigate technology.

I now choose to honor my neighbors and local connections with kindness and compassion.

I am a kind and caring Sybling.


4th House ~ Home, Safety, Security, and Family

I am grateful for the safety, security, health and happiness of my family.

I now choose to create a happy and healthy home.

I am safe. I am secure. I am home.


5th House ~ Creativity, Recreation. Fun, Children, Romance & Luck

I now choose to honor and enjoy the children in my life.

I am excited to play and recreate.

I am creative. I am fun. I am romantic.


6th House ~ Health. Details of life - Health, Work, Routines & Responsibilities

I now choose to attend to my health and wellness. I am healthy.

I honor my duties with discipline and dedication.

I am responsible.

I manage my time effectively.


7th House ~ Balance between You and Other, Marriage, Partnerships and Joint Endeavors

I now choose to honor my relationships with care, compassion, generosity, and gratitude.

I am grateful for my partner. I am a loving, caring and considerate partner.

I am expanding my heart to hold an honorable and honoring relationship.

I relate and I am relateable.


8th House ~ Joint Resourcing, Business, Finance, Regeneration, Sex, and Death

I am aligning with the Universe to create a sustainable flow of resources.

I am grateful for my safe, secure and sustainable investments.

I welcome gentle transformations in my life.


9th House ~ Education, Exploration, Self-Discovery, Spirituality & Travel

I am grateful for the wisdom of my teachers.

I am ever evolving, advancing my wisdom and expanding my consciousness.

I now choose to honor the sanctity of my spirit.

I am spiritually conscious and connected.

I now choose to expand my horizons.

I am excited to safely travel.


10th House ~ Self-Actualization, Higher Calling, Fulfillment, Reputation & Success

I am fulfilled in my path and purpose.

I am self-actualized.

I now choose to honor my true calling.

I am successful in my career.

I now choose to walk a path that is meaningful to me.

I am a person of integrity.

I am committed to my work.


11th House ~ Ideals, Connections, Community, Friendship, Groups, & Associations

I now choose to attend to my friendships with kindness, generosity, and gratitude.

I now choose to honor my commitments to the communities and associations that I value.

I am dedicated to co-creating a blessed and beautiful tomorrow.


12th House ~ Soul, Inner Worlds, Hidden Strengths & Weaknesses, & Shadow

I am attuned to the wisdom of my soul.

I now choose to forgive my shadow.

I am healing my past.

I am open to the insight of my subconscious.

I am connected to the Great Mystery, the Infinite Oneness.


Many blessings and potent, positive potentials for 2022.


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