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Activate Intention with Lunar Energy

A full moon is the culmination of the intentions that were set at the time of the new moon in the same sign. In January, we experienced an Aquarian New Moon. This energy was especially encouraging to new beginnings and offered a second chance to affirm and activate our New Year’s Resolutions.

Half a year later, the Full Moon in Aquarius on August 3rd was the culmination of those conscious, and unconscious, intentions. This is especially interesting because so much has changed in our world since that time.

It is certainly possible that the many unprecedented events of 2020 have derailed your personal and professional expectations. Even with the best intentions and impeccable habits, your patience, resilience and creativity may have been tested.

For the soul, there are no accidents. Everything is to be considered within the context of one’s karma (challenges that create healing and growth) and dharma (a call to serve from our innate potential.). When you choose to navigate your path with the grace and wisdom of your soul, you can choose to make lemonade with the lemons that have presented themselves to you.

This is a great consideration for the last half of summer. How can you make the most of the shifts that have occurred in your life? Most everyone has had challenges in dealing with the current situation. Many have also experienced some amazing blessings. In your reflection, consider how the recent challenges, and opportunities, have informed and shaped your life. Who are you now? How has the direction of your life shifted since that new moon in January?

In order to best navigate the challenging times, it may be useful to know where the new moon (or full moon) is impacting your life. Here is a link to access a free birth cartwheel on the internet. You will need an exact time of birth.

The cartwheel is divided into 12 houses that relate to specific areas of life. It is beneficial to know what areas of your life are being impacted by the lunar energies. You may choose to align your intentions with the part of your chart that is being influenced in order to maximize harmony and success.

The benefit of working with lunar every is that every month there is a new moon and a chance to begin again. On August 18th, there will be a New Moon in Leo. This is an opportunity to initiate a new beginning that can harness the power of Leo to energize your current path. Leo inspires creative self-expression and living life from one’s heart. For more information on the Leo New Moon, click the link to one of my favorite astrologers, Pam Gregory.

If you would like insight on your cartwheel or inspirational support on activating your intentions, I am available by phone and zoom. It is so rewarding to work with people on a consistent basis. There is a profound shift when one’s personal energy, one’s soul, the spiritual supporters, the power of nature, the universe and the Infinite align to support a dedicated and consistent process and path. I offering my coaching services at a discount at this time because I believe in our great good and our power to transform and heal our world.

May you and yours be well. With Love, Light and Many Blessings… ~Robin

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