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An Initiation

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

We do not really know who we are or what we are “made of” when the world is in order and everything is going our way. The real test comes when life is seemingly turned upside down and nothing is under our control.

Only then, when someone, or something, ‘rocks our boat”, do we discover who we truly are. At this time, we are personally and collective being rocked. Some of us will be rocked to our very core.

In recent times, my clients would ask, “When will things improve?” It is an honest question -especially when we are trying to navigate a difficult time. It is as if we have an internal meter and we can set it for one day or one week or one month. By doing so, we are able to proceed forward knowing that the end is in sight.

However, during times such as this, improvement is difficult to chart. We are in uncharted waters with this pandemic. While many of us have been challenged in this lifetime, no one has experienced the magnitude of this circumstance. It is beyond the scope of our experience.

This is causing real anxiety and it is forcing us to face our fears. Quarantined, isolated and separated from our routines, we are being compelled (or given an opportunity) to pause, adjust, reflect, and realign with that which has meaning in our lives. What is truly important? What is it, and who is it, that really matters to you?

This unique situation has done two things. It has forced us to get very clear about our values and it has created the time that we did not have before. So many of our best intentions were limited by a lack of time. We have been given a values clarification and the gift of time. We are being presented with the opportunity to recreate a new normal.

We now have the time to adjust our habitualized routine and establish new patterns that are better aligned with our core values and true intentions.

I do not mean to dismiss the seriousness of this situation. Every day we wake up to distressing numbers and the forecast of a dismal future. Somehow, it has become painfully clear that many things, personally and globally, were not working. This is a reset for the whole of the planet.

Please understand that this is not about surviving a short-term inconvenience. The virus will run its course and then we will need to navigate an enduring after-effect. I am sensing that a deeply changed reality is upon us.

I understand that this may be frightening. However, the better mindset is to see this as a sacred wake-up call. The whole of humanity is being given a reboot - an initiation into a new way of Being. It is up to each of us to decide who we are going to be and how we are going to be.

Please let me know how I can support your journey through this time. I have updated my website to include an online booking schedule for phone and Skype appointments. (If an alternative time or financial arrangement needs to be made, please let me know.)

I am grateful that I stayed the course on my path. I can be of genuine service because of my dedication to developing my meditative (intuitive) mind and expanding my wise and generous heart. In the storm, I am calm, peaceful, loving and compassionate. My faith is unwavering. All is well.

It is my intention, hope and prayer that all is well with you and yours.

With love, compassion and faith in YOU… ~Robin

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