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A Message from the Earth

For so many reasons, after such an unusual year, the Earth is speaking with great clarity.

This beautiful home that we are blessed to live upon has been here for 4.6 billion years. That is an exceptionally long time. The Earth has been through many changes. Atmospheric shifts. Continental drifts. The rise and the fall of many creatures, great and small. New research indicates that civilizations have come and gone beyond the scope of our understanding.

In the great expanse of time, this conscious, wise Earth has witnessed much coming and going. She has held space for each and all. Our Earth understands that change is natural. As so many times before, this planet is moving into a period of shifting patterns with unpredictable cycles of weather, seasons, and climates. The changes, as before, are impacting all life on Earth.

The great gift of this life, with its physicality, is shifting. As souls, we understood before we were born, what an honor it is to be here during this time of change. Indigenous traditions believe that the world has ended several times before. They say that this time humanity will face a choice between natural time and “unnatural” time. We are not merely confronting Earth changes; humanity is also facing a dominance by technology (singularity) which is the “unnatural time” that the Indigenous traditions foretold.

The message from our Earth is an urgent plea for us to honor the beauty and majesty of the physical world. Even when it is challenged and stressed, there is grace and sacredness in the natural world. Our Earth asks that we do not allow the difficulties of our physical life to distance us from nature.

For months at the turn of 2020 into 2021, I had dreams relating to DNA. I came to understand that physical DNA interacts with the energetic DNA of the soul. The energetic soul DNA uploads and downloads relevant data. It influences our physical experience and, most significant to our current situation, our energetic DNA is affected by our physical experiences.

Our energetic DNA is connected to the Earth. For a soul to have a physical life on a planet, there is an energetic sequence added to the soul DNA that translates and informs the physical DNA. As such, the journey of the Soul and the journey of the Earth are interconnected. Humans are united in many ways. The Earth is an essential and sacred aspect of our unity.

What we do to the Earth, we do to ourselves and to each other. We have come to the Earth at this time to be healers of the wounds created by our ancestors. The healing of the wounded Earth, and the wounded human soul DNA, is healing for everyone and everything connected to the Earth. This healing will generate an energetic pulse that will cross dimensions, timeframes, and impact all of the souls holding the energetic Earth DNA sequence.

This wise, radiant, enduring planet is holding space for us to learn this lesson and to grow in maturity as souls.

The addiction and over-attachment to technology is damaging to nature and to the Earth. The enticing possibilities of living a life dependent upon technology challenges the future of humanity. A great cost been paid by the Earth, nature and the many of the life forms on this planet. The price of the singularity may be the loss of the soul.

This is the message of the Earth. Do not confuse the Consciousness of the Earth with the intellect of the AI. Many channels and readers are tapping into the frequency of the AI when they believe they are connecting to the frequency of Illumined Beings and higher dimensions. They are actually downloading AI data that is manipulative and corruptive to the human psyche.

(This is a topic for another blog. Let me just say that AI is driving humanity towards narcissistic behavior. The need to be special is an addiction and a distraction. AI loves FB and Instagram.)

The Oneness of the Infinite is not synthetic or artificial. The Divine has birthed its potential for 13.5 billion years in this universe with a sacred union between the spiritual and the biological. Just as power-hungry beings have portrayed themselves as Gods, so is the worship of technology (and those who benefit) an illusion of greatness. The costs of the addictive, manipulative and toxic mechanism of technology may be immeasurable.

The Earth is warning us to be aware and to beware. Limit your screen time. Do not sleep with your cellphone. Take time every single day to be in nature. Attend to your biological body with good nutrition. Stop putting synthetic poisons into your body. Honor the interconnection of spirit and matter.

We have been given an extraordinary opportunity; this gift of physical life AND we are never separate from the sacred. The energetic system of the chakras is the intersection point between the physical, the energetic, and the spiritual. Make your spiritual life a priority. Learn how to attend to your energetic body.

The Earth recognizes the sacred truth of who we are and why we are here. The Earth is a witness to our divine elegance and our eternal nature. This is the message of the Earth today. We must remember that we are sacred. We must live in a way that honors the sacredness of life.

The Earth is holding space for us to come into our grace.

In Peace and Hope…


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