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2021 ~ The Energy of Change

Blessings for 2021!

How are you? It is my sincere prayer that this is the year that you achieve all that you intend; that you heal your body and your world; that you expand your consciousness and raise the collective frequency of the whole; and that you co-create positive potentials for yourself and our planet.

These blessings are not hopeful wishes. We are truly limitless. Our world reflects our energetic potentials. We are not disempowered – far from it. What we see in the world is how we, as a collective, are using our power. Our world is simply mirroring the shared “state of our state’. In these highly energized times, what we are thinking and feeling is exactly how the energy is manifesting.

Energy is never wasted. It flows and goes in the direction of your thoughts and feelings. The energy to manifest potentialities is always active in your life. I love the story of the three plants. One the was given love, one was given hate and one was ignored. The one that was ignored was the only one that died. The other two received energy and they both flourished. Of course, the fragrance and the fruit of the plant given love, and the plant given hate, were quite different.

On some level, we are always perceiving, receiving, and manifesting. The question is, “What are you focusing your mind and emotions on? How are your thoughts and feelings manifesting in our world?”

With the increasing energization of this planet and the solar system, whatever you are emotionally focusing on is being made manifest. I am not talking about a magic spell from The Secret. This is real life. In real life, the flow of the energy follows your EMOTIONS. You if you are longing to win the lottery. You are manifesting LONGING, desperation and lack. It is highly unlikely that you will manifest money. Lack only attracts more lack.

If you love the current vibration of your life, continue to energize that with your emotional energy and mental focus. Love what you love! However, if you do not like the current frequency of your life, this is the year to redirect your creative power on a path that is good; is healing; is high vibration; and is love.

The numerology of the year is #5. The number 5 is all about change. The astrology will pressure us to shift, grow and adjust. (You can read more about the numerology and astrology of the year on my website.) The lower chakras and our physical Being naturally resist change. However, the challenges that we experienced last year provided us with ample opportunity to learn that we are stronger and more flexible than we ever thought possible.

If you resisted the lessons of 2020, then the energy of 2021 will more potently encourage you to change; to go with the flow; to release that which keeps you stuck and immobile; to make adaptations that are forced upon you by shifting circumstances, and consequently, to evolve. On this planet, homo sapiens are changing into a new species. Some say that we are becoming homo noeticus (knowing) or homo luminous (radiant light). It may not be comfortable or easy. However, it is becoming increasingly obvious that an evolutionary upgrade is necessary for our survival.

It is my sincere intention to do all that I can do to support your great good in the world. In the coming days, weeks and months, I will attune to the amazing Grace that guides me and do all that is within my power and presence to share supportive awareness, empowering tools and healing practices.

I loved doing the Tuning In workshop on zoom. It was so good to be with people again. I intend to have more offerings on zoom, on my website and eventually in person. Please know that I am here with you on this evolutionary journey.

May this be the year that you withdraw your focus from worry, fear, and anger. May this be the year that you redirect your energy to all that your heart holds dear. May the energy of this year empower you to live true to your soul. May this be the year that you realize the power to manifest great good for yourself, for those you love and for our world.

In peace and positivity, with love and light… ~Robin

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