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Happy Aries New Moon Solar Eclipse! This is a rare second Aries new moon. It is occuring on the last degree of the sign which heralds an ending initiating a new beginning. We are rebirthing. Renewing. Revitalizing.

The last solar eclipse in Aries occurred in April of 2004, 2005 and 2006. Whatever was happening in your life at that time may be coming up for a reboot, a healing or a completion.

Pluto, the planet of transformation, is challenging this new moon which may translate into drama and strife. OR it may be presenting us with an opportunity to progress upon our evolutionary pathway. The shifts that are happening at this time are forecast to be so extreme that we will simply jump ahead on the timeline. The new realities that are occurring will be integrated instantly. We will move forward without a backward glance.

Change can happen very quickly. This makes it very important to have a strong sense of where you want to go and to be firmly pointed in that direction.

I want to share a snippet of my week to show the amazing potential that is possible.

I have worked with Beings of Light to clear a client’s energy anatomy with small whirling Merkabahs of blue light. It was beautiful and humbling.

I journeyed to the Heavenly realms and met with my Spiritual Supporters who facilitated an upgrade to the energy body of my Higher Self. (This will uplevel the relationships with my Spiritual Supporters and my soul purpose.)

I took a Kundalini Yoga class that deeply detoxified my system and made my whole Being hum a new a tune. (This is why I practice Kundalini Yoga.)

I offered a small Meditation and Message Circle where a few lovely people were able to release to the earth those burdens that they have been carrying. In this lightness of Being, their Spiritual Supporters offered love and wisdom.

The intense energy of the times can truly be used for great good and evolutionary leaps.

At the same time, I understand that this energy can be overwhelming. Trauma, past and present, can be activated making us sensitive and easily triggered. It is hard to stay on path and purpose.

However, ignoring this problem will not make it go away. It will keep you stuck in the very energy that you want to release. This is a good time to call upon the wisdom of the Healing Formula.

1. Acknowledge what is. Be honest with yourself. Be brave and compassionate. Everyone on this planet at this time has work to do.

2. Surrender. Release. Process the energy. Let it go. Forgive yourself and all those connected to the issue. “Bless the best. Forgive the rest.”

3. Affirm the best. Bless your highest intention with practice, dedication, and devotion. Do the work. Answer the call. Give energy to what you want. Take affirmative action in the direction of your great good. Trust that your efforts will manifest.

4. Be grateful. Be gracious. Be compassionate. Be the good.

I “do the work” so that I can stay on a path of ascension and healing. This is how I stay the course and keep an upward trajectory.

There is no luck involved.

Everyone on this earth, at this time, has work to do. We all have challenges, traumas, and tragedy. How we handle our challenges determines our experience and our outcome. Now is the time to find a spiritual practice that clears, nurtures, honors, deepens and blesses you.

Kundalini Yoga & Meditation is one of the best practices that we can do to heal, transform and transcend. That is why I am offering it every Friday at 10am.

For a deeply transformative opportunity, you can join me on Saturday from 1pm to 4pm at Sanctuary for an intensive Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Retreat. Please go to my website to find out more.

Please let me know if I can support your journey.

Many Beautiful Spring Blessings to You and Yours.

With Much Love,


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