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sacred path Mentorship & training
A spiritually-centered, multi-disciplinary program that will empower you to clarify your values; create practices and disciplines that will attend to your soul; evolve your resilience, wisdom, and grace; and galvanize the intentions that will actualize your peace, positivity, and potential in the world.

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Blessings on the Sacred Path

We are living during very intense times.  It has never been more important to be clear about our values and to live true to what is real and meaningful.


Our current situation has created a unique opportunity for us to explore what has meaning and significance to us. With this enhanced awareness, we have an opportunity to consciously embrace soul-honoring behaviors and to walk a more intentional path in the world.

Sacred Path Coaching is a spiritually-centered, multi-disciplinary program that will empower you to clarify your values; create practices and disciplines that will attend to your soul; evolve your resilience, wisdom, and grace; and galvanize the intentions that will actualize your peace, positivity, and potential in the world.

To best support this process, a cooperative dedication and commitment is required. An integral aspect of this interactive and experiential coaching program is that you make a sincere commitment to the work.  To create a life for your soul to flourish, you will need to discover, incorporate, and honor daily, weekly, monthly, seasonal and yearly practices. 

This program is currently available exclusively by phone or zoom. Please email me with your questions at rev.robin11@gmail or text me at (269)377-1304.  I sincerely look forward to hearing from you. 


In Peace....   ~Rev. Robin Whitaker

Payment Plans & Booking


Sacred Path coaching draws upon the wisdom of ancient and modern sources to include...


  • Tools to develop an awareness and connection to your soul's purpose to include astrology, numerology and divination.

  • Development of Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly Practices that support your intention and actualization.

  • Guided Meditation, ancient yogic kriyas & energy medicine to include support your holistic healing and sacred journey. 


  • Value clarification and intention actualization with chakra mapping.

  • Conscious Connection to one's guides and teachers to include nature, one's ancestors, spiritual supporters and the Luminaries.

  • Shamanic Practice to include journeywork, ritual and ceremony.

Personalized Programs to support the exploration, understanding and actualization of....

Sacred Living 

  • To create sacred space in your life for the soul's care and development.

  • To explore and expand your personal experience of the Infinite in daily life.

  • To utilize meditation, contemplation, journeywork & journaling. 

  • To establish disciplines, rituals & ceremony that help to center you in the sacred. 

  • To live mindfully and meaningfully in harmony with your self, soul and Spirit.

  • To live mindfully and meaningfully in harmony with all.


Instinctive, Intuitive and Inspired Awareness

  • To clarify your instinctive, intuitive & inspired messaging system.

  • To ​create an altar and set a sacred circle in which to do your spiritual and energetic work.

  • To clarify your intention and to establish clear boundaries in your work.

  • To embrace the art of intuitive insight with the support of a variety of divinatory tools. 

  • To establish clear, conscious connections with one's soul, higher wisdom, the Spiritual Supporters and the Infinite.

  • To honor and interpret the significance of your signs, symbols, and messages. 

  • To develop a personal rituals and spiritual disciplines to support your work.

  • To clear your interference so that you can trust in your instinctive, intuitive and inspired insight.

  • To honor the sacred within your Self, Soul and Others.


Conscious Energetics

  • To understand & map the energy anatomy of the chakras and energy bodies.

  • To utilize energy attunements, vibrational harmonization and energy therapy to awaken, heal and transform your self, soul and Spirit.

  • To expand your "toolkit" by drawing upon guided meditation, mantra, sacred cosmology, and shamanic wisdom to create an integrated and accessible practice.

  • To harness the powerful energy of intention, affirmation, surrender blessing.

  • To come into harmony with the flow of energies to blessing yourself, your family, your community and your world. 


Meaningful Path & Purpose

  • To sincerely honor the power and potential one's Self, Soul and Spirit. 

  • To explore the many dimensions of one's path and purpose utilizing a variety of esoteric tools and techniques.

  • To come to know the karma and dharma of your soul.

  • To understand your shadow -- as well as one's light.

  • To acknowledge one's challenges as gateways into power and purpose.



Supportive Service

  • To share your true gifts and support the actualization the greatest good for yourself and others.

  • To exist within and contribute to a conscious, creative, sacred community.