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Going Crazy


One of my teachers said that during the shift from the Piscean Age to the Aquarian Age that more than half of all people would go crazy.  It is possible that the number may even be higher than this prediction.

This is not simply an overly pessimistic perspective.  It is hard to deny that we are living in very complex times.  

The energy of this time cannot sustain stasis.  The voltage is just too intense.  Every day, we are being showered with galactic and solar energy.

We can choose to harness this energy for our healing and elevation. Otherwise, we may feel as if we are cooking in our own stew.  It could be said, “If you are not progressing, you may be regressing”.

I believe that we can rise to the occasion and use this energy to create good in our life and in the world. There are many tools and techniques that we can use to shift the energy in the direction of our greatest good. 

I offer a few suggestions with links to support your journey.


Smile at strangers.

Practice forgiveness with Ho’oponopono.

Activate your blessings with a gratitude journal.

Try energy medicine like Meridian Tapping.

Sing songs that uplift and inspire. Here is a link to my Good Grace Spotify Playlist.

Create a mantra practice – Go to my website to explore my favorites. 

There are more suggestions listed under Tools.

Practice Yoga. ***Join me this week on Friday from 10am

You can also join me for my once a month Saturday Yoga class this week from 12pm to 1:30pm.

I invite you to step into this magical in-between space between winter and spring to create your own transformational shift.

Many Blessings





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