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Guided Meditation & journeywork

~ Healing Explorations of the Soul ~

"In order to meet the challenges of time and life, whether it be our personal life, professional life, or global life, we will all have to come into our full medicine."
~ Angeles Arrien

We are so much more than we believe or perceive ourselves to be. 



Guided Meditation and Journeywork are soul explorations that offer extraordinary insights on the path and  purpose of our soul. They provide insight into the relevance of the soul's growth, healing and evolution in this lifetime.


Through this work, we have an opportunity to explore the meaning of our life experiences - the joys and the sorrows; the gifts and challenges.


Guided Meditation and Journeywork demonstrate that we are spiritual beings experiencing a physical life.  It opens us to the beauty and bounty of spiritual blessings that are ever present, ever aware and ever available to us.


Through this work, we are able to more consciously understand the meaning in and of our lives. From this illumined perspective, we are gratefully humbled by this gift that is life.


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