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Guided Meditation & journeywork

~ Healing Explorations of the Soul ~

"In order to meet the challenges of time and life, whether it be our personal life, professional life, or global life, we will all have to come into our full medicine."
~ Angeles Arrien

We are so much more than we believe or perceive ourselves to be. 



Guided Meditation and Journeywork are soul explorations that offer extraordinary insights on the path and  purpose of our soul. They provide insight into the relevance of the soul's growth, healing and evolution in this lifetime.


Through this work, we have an opportunity to explore the meaning of our life experiences - the joys and the sorrows; the gifts and challenges.


Guided Meditation and Journeywork demonstrate that we are spiritual beings experiencing a physical life.  It opens us to the beauty and bounty of spiritual blessings that are ever present, ever aware and ever available to us.


Through this work, we are able to more consciously understand the meaning in and of our lives. From this illumined perspective, we are gratefully humbled by this gift that is life.

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Offering a variety of Sacred Soul Sojourns that utilize guided meditation, hypno-therapeutic techniques and the wisdom of healing traditions so that you may... Activate ...
Guided Meditation
1 hr

Guided Meditation & journeywork

~ Healing Explorations of the Soul ~

Guided Meditation and Journeywork create an opportunity for you...


Access Soul Wisdom

To understand the soul significance of the gifts, opportunities and challenges that are present in your life. 

To Create Dynamic Change

To connect with the unified field of Infinite Possibilities to open to the flow of energy that can heal, bless, and create dynamic change in your life.


Re-align Your Path

To be inspired and empowered to explore, experience and re-align your path with a more conscious intent.


Connect with your Luminaries, Spiritual Supporters and Ancestors

To connect with your Spiritual Supporters to include the Ancestors of your Spirit (The Beings of Light), the Ancestors of your soul (Teachers, Healers & Allies), the Ancestors of your DNA (Those who have gone before you) and the Earth (Animals, Plants, and Nature Spirits).

Heal and Transform

To seek out information, allies and energy that will empower clarity of circumstance by offering healing methods that can empower your healing journey.

Understand Sacred Contracts and Karmic Patterns

To better understand meaning and significance of the people and patterns impacting this lifetime.


This work is available in private consultations and in workshops.  Both methods create the opportunity for a very deep level of insight and understanding into the soul's intention within your life, your work, your relationships and your actualization.


Blessed be the Journey! 

Turn your wounds into wisdom.

-Ophah Winfrey

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Rev. Robin Whitaker



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Rates & Online Payments

One Hour Consultation:  $100


Thank you so much for your payment.  

Rev. Robin Whitaker
Telephone ~ (269)377-1304
Email ~ rev.robin11@gmail.com
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