Transform your Relationships by Creating Conscious Contracts

Is it time to update the agreements and contracts

that dictate your life?

How many of your contracts with people, places, things and events were consciously created? Most of us are living with contracts and agreements that were unconsciously created.

We enter into unconscious agreements and contracts all of the time. Some are generated by our subconscious mind in the heat of the moment. Others are adaptive to our specific circumstances based upon our beliefs, history and habits. Most concerning are those agreements have been intentionally created and forced upon us by individuals, events, society or organizational systems without our conscious awareness.

It the hustle of our busy lives, it is common for us to accept our agreements and contracts – even when they are dysfunctional and unhealthy. The agreements that we have with our external world create individuated blueprints that our relationships follow. When we choose to consciously create our agreements and contracts, we are able to completely transform our relationships and life experiences.

We have unconscious external agreements and we have unconscious internal contracts. In order to function as human beings, we have established agreements with our body, our emotions, our mind, our soul and our spirit. Some of these agreements are conscious. Most of our internal agreements and contacts are unconscious. These contracts may have been created when we were children or during times of stress. The unconscious agreements become hardwired into our subconscious. They become the habits and patterns that we live our lives by. Truly, because of the scope of their influence, there is no limit to what may be possible when we rewrite the contracts that we have with the many levels of our Being.

In healing circles, many of us have heard of the practice of “cutting cords” and burning contacts. These are ancient practices that were used in many cultures by medicine people and shamans and they have been adapted by new age healers and pop psychology.

The act of cutting or burning has violent connotations with seemingly permanent effects. As such, the practice of burning contracts is often used exclusively for our enemies or for those who have traumatized us in some way. As such, a vital aspect of changing our contracts has been lost in the modern day translation. The process of consciously creating meaningful and intentional contracts is a most sacred act.

The act of creating conscious and meaningful contracts can free you from fear, pain, guilt, grief and inappropriate expectations. In this process, you thoughtfully and intentionally clear and release every aspect of the agreement that is harmful to you and to the “other”. Once the energy is cleared, a space for grace is created. You now have an opportunity to positively affirm a new possibility that will bless (and heal) everyone involved in the contract.